Teofimo Lopez: “I said it like it is, I want to kill Josh Taylor”

05/29/2023 - No comments

Boxing isn’t a sport for the faint-hearted, a fact that no one knows better than undisputed lightweight champion Teofimo Lopez. The champion boxer is known for his unfiltered views and brutal honesty about the sport, something he emphasized in a recent interview where he shared his perspective on the harsh realities of boxing.

As Lopez explained, “This is a kill or be killed sport… If I’m gonna die in that ring, at least I died for some dignity and some integrity. I went out there like a warrior, like a champ that we are. This is what I signed up for.”

When asked if he regretted any statements he had made in the past, Lopez was firm in his stance: “I don’t apologize to any of the stuff that I say. If you take it wrong, that’s on you because I never take it to that extreme. I know my place,” he said.

Lopez further expanded on the brutal nature of boxing, comparing it to gladiator combat and suggesting that people don’t fully grasp the deadly risks involved. He referred to recent tragedies in the sport, including young boxers who have tragically lost their lives in the ring. He argued that this is the reality of the sport, not an outlier.

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In terms of his upcoming fight with Josh Taylor, Lopez didn’t shy away from expressing his strong intentions, stating, “I said it like it is, I want to kill Josh Taylor. That’s boxing. This is what we sign up for.”

To Lopez, these raw, unfiltered statements are not about disrespect, but honesty. “It’s not that I’m being disrespectful,” he clarified, “I am not. I wouldn’t be able to walk on this Earth and be by myself and get away with the things that I say.”

Despite his brutal honesty, Lopez showed a deep understanding of the balance required in this sport, “I’m as tough and mean as it gets when in that ring, but I’m as kind and cuddly as I am outside the room. That makes a true warrior.”

As the conversation wrapped up, Lopez was unafraid of the likely backlash his comments would face, stating, “I don’t care because this is the sport that we are in. It sucks to see so many pass away, especially some young ones. But you know something, may God have mercy on their soul.”

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This bold, unapologetic perspective is a stark reminder of the intense and brutal realities of boxing, brought to light by one of the sport’s most influential figures. As we anticipate his next match, we can be sure of one thing: Lopez is a warrior, in the ring and out, who isn’t afraid to speak his truth.

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