Jack Catterall – “Regis Prograis Next!”

05/29/2023 - No comments

British professional boxer, Jack Catterall, recently celebrated his successful return to the boxing ring after a long hiatus of 15 months. The 140-pound contender shared his experience and reflected on his victory, while also acknowledging the invaluable support from his team and his fans.

“I’m happy. It’s been a while since I climbed through the ropes with gloves on, but I stayed in the gym. There were times where we didn’t know if I was going to make it back in the ring,” he told Boxing Social. Catterall’s return to the ring was indeed a tough journey, with many obstacles and periods of uncertainty that tested his patience and resolve.

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Despite the challenges, Catterall was able to put on a dominant performance that showcased his skill and resilience. “I switched on, got the rounds in the bank, and we move on from there,” he said, indicating his readiness to keep up the momentum and build on his successful comeback.

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Jack Catterall expressed his gratitude towards Eddie Hearn of Matchroom Boxing for delivering on their commitment and ensuring a quick return to the ring. “Big thank you to Eddie, Frank, and Matchroom. They said they were going to do it, we signed, and the day after we signed, we got the date and the announcement,” he shared. Catterall was clearly appreciative of the support and promptness of the Matchroom Boxing outfit in his time of need.

Catterall also reflected on his fight night experience, sharing that despite pre-fight nerves due to his long absence, he felt the overwhelming support of his fans. “It was a good feeling. It was nice to be back,” he said. Catterall’s team, consisting of Jamie and Nigel, were a crucial part of this journey. “It does feel like family,” he said, emphasizing their importance in his successful comeback.

Looking forward, Catterall expressed enthusiasm about the stable Matchroom Boxing is building, especially with the potential signing of other big names like Devin Haney. “I want to be involved in some big fights and see how far and how good I can be,” he stated, signaling his ambition and eagerness to take on more challenges.

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He expressed particular interest in possibly taking on Regis Prograis in the future. “Regis Prograis makes sense. We’ve both got the one stripe on our records from the same man,” he stated, suggesting that a match between them could be on the horizon.

Closing the conversation, Jack Catterall thanked his sponsors, fans, and the entire team for their support during his long-awaited return to the ring. “Thank you to all the sponsors and all the fans that have come out tonight. It really means a lot,” he said, displaying his heartfelt appreciation for the support he has received throughout his boxing journey.