Controversy Over Haney-Loma Fight: Robert Garcia Weighs In

05/28/2023 - No comments

In a recent interview with 210BoxingTv, famed boxing trainer Robert Garcia gave his thoughts on the controversial Devin Haney and Vasyl Lomachenko (Loma) match, highlighting his belief that a rematch is essential. Garcia, whose fighter Raymond had a victorious performance the same night, believes the decision was incorrect and shared the majority opinion that Loma should have been declared the winner.

The fight, which was watched intently by Garcia and his team in the locker room, stirred controversy as many perceived the decision as a robbery. Despite the lack of sound on the TV, the gathered observers unanimously thought Loma won. Garcia did not regard it as a clear-cut robbery, acknowledging there were close rounds, but he was of the strong opinion that Loma outperformed Haney.

Garcia further stressed the importance of an immediate rematch, drawing parallels to Floyd Mayweather’s fights against José Luis Castillo and Marcos Maidana, both of whom were given rematches after controversial decisions. In Garcia’s view, Haney, just like Mayweather, has an obligation to offer Loma a rematch to clear any doubts and for the sake of the fans.

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Discussing his own fighter, Raymond, Garcia was full of praise after Raymond’s impressive second-round knockout in his match. The trainer sees a promising future for his young fighter, predicting that Raymond could be the next boxing superstar.

The interview also delved into the recent performance of boxing giant Canelo Álvarez. Garcia provided some criticism, noting that Canelo didn’t appear to push himself to his limit. He speculated that Canelo may be nearing the end of his career, as repeated training camps and sparring matches can eventually take a toll on a boxer’s body. While Canelo’s potential match-up against David Benavides could be thrilling for fans, Garcia was not optimistic about it materializing.

Lastly, touching on the recovery of “Bam” Rodriguez from a broken jaw, Garcia confirmed that Rodriguez is already eating solid food and in high spirits. He hinted that Rodriguez could return to the ring before the end of the year.

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