Live Boxing Tonight: Valdez vs. Wilson / Estrada vs. Valle live on ESPN+

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Valdez-Wilson & Estrada-Valle headline a loaded bill from Desert Diamond Arena LIVE on ESPN+ at 6:10 p.m. ET/3:10 p.m. PTaldez-Wilson & Estrada-Valle headline a loaded bill from Desert Diamond Arena LIVE on ESPN+ at 6:10 p.m. ET/3:10 p.m. PT

Oscar Valdez, no stranger to the taste of both victory and defeat, is on the prowl once again, eyeing a shot at redemption that seems as elusive as ever. The man’s set to square off against Liam Wilson, an Australian with a punch that’s as unpredictable as a desert storm, in a junior lightweight bout that’s been dressed up as something special. This spectacle is scheduled for a Friday night, March 29, under the glaring lights of the Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, Arizona, promising an evening where hopes are high but guarantees are nowhere to be found.

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In an affair that’s been hyped to no end, Seniesa Estrada and Yokasta Valle are pegged to go head-to-head for the undisputed minimumweight title.

This lineup, headlined by Valdez-Wilson and the Estrada-Valle showdown, will be streamed—because, in this day and age, everything is, isn’t it?—exclusively in the U.S. on ESPN+. It’s a fight night promoted by Top Rank, in collaboration with No Limit Boxing, a partnership that has everyone reaching for their wallets, with tickets being peddled on Ticketmaster.

Valdez, with a track record that reads like a rollercoaster narrative—31 wins, 23 by knockout, and a couple of stumbles along the way—is a testament to the highs and lows of the boxing world. From Olympic rings to professional bling, his journey saw him snagging titles and defending them, only to be met with the harsh reality of defeat, not once but twice recently. Wilson, trailing behind with a 13-2 record and 7 knockouts, steps back into the ring with something to prove, following a knockdown that still echoes in his past.

Lindolfo Delgado Added to Valdez-Wilson/Estrada-Valle Undercard

Lindolfo Delgado, the undefeated junior welterweight sensation and 2016 Olympian from Mexico, is all set to kick off his 2024 campaign. He’s squaring up against fellow Mexican Carlos “El Tiburon” Sanchez for a ten-round clash that’s sure to get the crowds roaring on Friday, March 29 at the Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, Arizona.

This Delgado vs. Sanchez tussle is just part of a jam-packed evening that’s also showcasing Oscar Valdez taking on Liam Wilson in a ten-round headline act, not to mention a world title fight that’s got everyone talking: Seniesa “Super Bad” Estrada facing off against Yokasta Valle for the undisputed minimumweight crown over 12 rounds.

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You can catch all the action live, with the whole event being streamed exclusively on ESPN+ in the States. And if you’re itching to be there in person, tickets are up for grabs right now through Ticketmaster, thanks to Top Rank and No Limit Boxing pulling the strings.

Delgado is buzzing to get back in the ring, aiming to show off his skills and inch closer to that coveted world title. He’s confident that 2024 is his year to shine, especially in front of the Arizona crowd.

With a record of 19 wins, no losses, and 14 knockouts, Delgado has evolved from a bright prospect to a serious contender, especially after his eye-opening win over Omar Aguilar in 2022. That battle was a barnburner, and since then, Delgado’s been on a tear, knocking out opponents left, right, and center. He’s got history at the Desert Diamond Arena too, having dominated there before, and he’s looking to dazzle the fans yet again.

Carlos Sanchez, with 25 wins, 2 losses, and 19 knockouts, isn’t someone to take lightly. An eight-year veteran of the sport, he’s known for his resilience and power. Despite a setback against Steve Claggett in Canada last year, Sanchez bounced back with a win over Carlos Diaz, proving he’s still a force to be reckoned with in the ring.

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Oscar Valdez

“I’m locked and loaded, ready to roll. I was gearing up for a title showdown, and then boom – we’re talking Interim title. That’s got me fired up, even more, prepped and primed to put on a show.” “I never took this lightly, treated it like the big league it is. Liam Wilson? The guy’s solid, no joke. Saw him drop Navarrete and thought, ‘Alright, game on.’ I’m bringing my A-game, expecting him to do the same.”

“Liam’s got his tricks, but hey, that’s what pumps the adrenaline, right? With the Interim title in the mix, my drive’s through the roof. I’m all in, fighting tooth and nail for that victory.”

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Liam Wilson

“Every showdown feels like the ultimate bout for me. I’ve doubled down on prep. It’s my second shot at the crown, and history shows I’m not one to underestimate on the rebound. I’m dialed in, ready to rumble.” “Valdez witnessed my clash with Navarrete, saw the potential champ in me. That fight should’ve been my ticket to the title. Didn’t pan out, but here we are, time to clear the air and claim what’s mine.”

“I’ve leveled up, personally and professionally. This past year’s been a game-changer, sharpening me for this moment. I’m coming back stronger, eyes on the prize.”

Seniesa Estrada

“This is it, the big moment I’ve been chasing. My team and I have been grinding non-stop, and I’m not about to let this opportunity slip.” “It’s got a personal edge, sure, but I keep it professional. We’ve had our words, but talk time’s over. It’s go time.”

“We’re not just fighting for ourselves; it’s bigger. It’s about lighting up the ring this Friday, making waves for women’s boxing, showing the world we’re top of our game.”

Yokasta Valle

“Securing a spot in history, for women, for the sport, would be a dream come true. This week’s got me buzzing, can’t wait to step into that ring.” “I’ve kept it strictly professional. Put in the sweat for a stellar fight. This isn’t about personal beefs. I respect her skills, but in that ring, it’s about finding out who’s the true champ.”

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Oscar Valdez vs. Liam Wilson, 12 rounds, Vacant WBO Interim Junior Lightweight World Title

Seniesa Estrada vs. Yokasta Valle 10 rounds, Undisputed Minimumweight Championship

Raymond Muratalla vs. Xolisani Ndongeni 10 rounds, Lightweight

Lindolfo Delgado vs. Carlos Sanchez, 10 rounds, Junior Welterweight

Richard Torrez Jr. vs. Don Haynesworth, 8 rounds, Heavyweight

Sergio Rodriguez vs. Sanny Duversonne, 6 rounds, Middleweight

Emiliano Fernando Vargas vs. Nelson Hampton, 6 rounds, Lightweight

Alan Garcia vs. Gonzalo Fuenzalida, 6 rounds, Lightweight

Art Barrera Jr. vs. Keven Soto, 4 rounds, Junior Welterweight

Ricardo Ruvalcaba vs. Avner Hernandez-Molina, 6 rounds, Junior Welterweight

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