Fabio Wardley Talks Clarke, AJ vs Whyte, More

07/12/2023 - No comments

Fabio Wardley, one of boxing’s up-and-coming prospects, shared his thoughts on his current situation with International Boxing News. Here’s a summary of his conversation.

“It was… frustrating,” admitted Wardley when asked about the Frazer Clarke fight that was ordered but then cancelled, leaving him in a limbo of sorts. “I’d rather just cut it right at the beginning and just say look, we’re not interested we’re not going to do it, rather than drag it out for as long as it was.”

This period seemed to have tested Wardley’s patience. The anticipation, the build-up, the sudden cancellation—it all amounted to what he perceived as a colossal waste of time. Wardley’s preference for straightforwardness and honesty is clear in his words, reflecting his straightforward boxing style in the ring.

Prospects of the AJ/Whyte 2 Clash

Looking ahead, Wardley shared his thoughts on the upcoming clash between Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte. It’s a fight he feels is overdue, especially considering where both fighters are in their careers.

“They both come off kind of okay performances against Franklin,” Wardley observes. “I think Franklin was quite surprising as to how good he was at least for them anyways, and they’re at a point where they need to have a big, not comeback fight, but kind of put them back on the map kind of fight.”

Despite being a member of Team Whyte, Wardley showed an admirable level of neutrality, clearly only hoping for a great fight.

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When asked about his future fights and opponents, Wardley admitted he’s considering several options, including an international title defense or a British title defense.

“It’s becoming relatively short notice now for a British opponent,” he explained, “so it’d be harder to put together.”

He also addressed rumors about a potential fight with Jermaine Franklin. While not ruling it out entirely, Wardley expressed that he hadn’t given it much thought. The determining factor will be the route he and his team decide to follow.

Boxing: More than Just a Sport

When asked what boxing means to him, Wardley’s passion was unmistakable.

“It gives me a focus,” he said earnestly. “It does so much for me physically, mentally… I’ve found my thing because so many people bounce around, they don’t find the right job or whatever else… and I wake up and know I’m doing my stuff today. I’m training and I know my goals.”

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