Live Boxing Tonight: Tszyu vs. Fundora, Romero vs. Cruz Live on

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Date: Saturday, March 30
USA Start Time: 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT
UK Start Time: 1 a.m. (Sunday, March 31)
Streaming: PPV.COM (No subscription needed)
Venue: T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
Price: $69.99

Boxing fans, get ready for a thrilling ride as PPV.COM brings you a night packed with excitement and top-tier fights, featuring none other than the undefeated Tim Tszyu squaring off against the formidable Sebastian Fundora for the junior middleweight crown. This event kicks off at 8 p.m. ET this Saturday, with fans from the U.S. and Canada able to join in the fun!

The evening is set to sizzle with Rolando Romero, the fearless WBA super lightweight champion from Las Vegas, putting his title on the line against the fierce challenger, Isaac Cruz from Mexico City.

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The cherry on top? Legendary broadcaster Jim Lampley teams up with the incredibly talented journalist Lance Pugmire to offer an exclusive real-time chat for viewers.

With the surprise shift from Keith Thurman to Sebastian Fundora as Tszyu’s challenger, the anticipation skyrockets. Despite the curveball, Tszyu is tipped as the favorite, but as every boxing aficionado knows, surprises are part of the sport’s charm.

For those tuning in from the U.S. and Canada, rest assured, there’s no need for a subscription to catch this blockbuster event on PPV.COM, thanks to iNDEMAND partnering with various cable and telco providers.


It’s my time to shine on a global scale, to conquer a new territory. I’m in my element here, surrounded by these legends on posters, living my dream. This calmness I feel, it’s right.

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I stand by a simple creed: Never back down. I don’t fear anyone. Whether it’s a fight sprung on me last minute or any challenger they throw my way, I adapt, I evolve, and I dominate.

Eyeing another world title, I’m on the brink of greatness. My family and I could make history, being the second to unify titles globally. The stakes couldn’t be higher. It’s an exhilarating time to be alive.

Australian boxing is on fire, thanks to both Zerafa and me aiming for world titles. The scene is ablaze with excitement.

Victory for me means leaving no room for doubt, just like I always do. This fight will end in a knockout, that’s the only way.

This bout is set to be legendary, one of those epic clashes remembered and rewatched for ages.


This fight marks the beginning of my legacy. We jumped at this chance in a heartbeat. Already in line for the WBC, now with the WBO in the mix, it was an opportunity too good to miss.

Being taller is just part of my daily life. It’s just another day at the office for me.

Bohachuk and Tszyu share a style, but with Tszyu, we’re up against an aggressive, powerful orthodox fighter, much like Bohachuk but a bit shorter.

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My last bout was a crucial learning curve, a harsh reminder that in boxing, mistakes have their price.

My dad’s already trained a world champion in my sister, and now it’s my turn. He’s the best in the business, in my book.

Don’t miss out on March 30. It’s going to be one hell of a fight, and you’ll see another Fundora take the championship.


Feeling blessed to be fighting in my hometown, I’m just eager for fight night to roll around.

Making 135 was a struggle for a while. This weight is perfect, but I’m eyeing a move to 147 – that’s where the real action is.

I’m ready for anyone, no exceptions. I’m in this to win it, no matter who’s in front of me.

Isaac Cruz looked bigger before, seems smaller now. Everyone has a plan until they take a hit from me.

Cruz is a straight shooter, no need for me to set traps. He walks right into them, making my job easy.


This is a huge opportunity for me, a second shot at a world title. I’m not holding back; I’m here to fight with everything I’ve got.

This camp was the best ever, all thanks to the hard work with my dad and the team backing me up all the way.

Pressure? Doesn’t faze me. I’m here for one thing only: to become the world champion”

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