Skye Nicolson To Fight On Fierro vs. Zamarripa Undercard

09/14/2023 - No comments

Skye Nicolson is confident that her choice to continue her professional journey in boxing will be justified this Friday night when she takes on Sabrina Maribel Perez for the interim WBC World Featherweight title at the Auditorio Municipal Fausto Gutierrez Moreno in Tijuana, Mexico, streaming live on DAZN.

Having a clean slate of 7 wins and no losses, Nicolson had contemplated participating in the 2024 Paris Olympics, especially after her close call in the 2020 Japan Olympics where she was narrowly defeated by the UK’s Karissa Artingsall. This Australian sensation decided to go pro after the Olympic setback and her performance hasn’t gone unnoticed, as she currently ranks among the top six in all boxing governing body rankings. Although professionals are now allowed to compete in the Olympics, the allure of an Olympic gold was tempting for the 28-year-old who already boasts a Commonwealth Games medal from 2016.

However, a turning point came when Nicolson watched a Matchroom fight in London this past June. This experience solidified her commitment to professional boxing. Anticipating her upcoming fight in Tijuana, she’s poised to move closer to a shot at the World title soon.

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“The decision to remain professional wasn’t an easy one,” Nicolson admitted. “Even after turning pro, I had the 2024 Paris Games in my sights. Though my Olympic journey was cut short, and while many believe I deserved the medal, moving past that phase wasn’t simple.”

Having enjoyed a thrilling journey as a professional so far, she added, “I’ve been fortunate to gain considerable momentum early on in my pro career. At some point, I felt like I was just convincing myself about the Olympics, rather than being true to my feelings.”

Her training stints with amateur teams further confirmed her inclination towards professional boxing. “After watching a live fight in New Orleans, I was certain about my passion for professional boxing. The moment I decided to stick to pro boxing, I felt a sense of relief and knew I was on the right path,” she shared.

Her ambition remains clear, “Within the next year, I aim to compete for a World title. I truly believe that this path is the right one for me.”

“I’ve earned my place among the top six rankings across various governing bodies. Some critics still label my style as ‘amateurish’, but my evolution as a boxer is evident to me. The minor tweaks and changes I’ve incorporated might go unnoticed by the masses, but to me, they’re significant.”

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Regarding her upcoming fight with Perez, she commented, “I’m eager for our upcoming fight. It feels more rewarding to challenge and potentially dethrone a reigning champion rather than competing for a vacant title. I aim to claim my rightful position and this fight is a step towards that.”

Nicolson’s bout with Perez is part of a packed evening of boxing in Tijuana during the Mexican Independence weekend. The main event features Angel Fierro defending his WBO NABO Lightweight title against Brayan Zamarripa. Also, Erika Cruz is set to face Melissa Odessa Parker for the WBA Continental Americas Super-Bantamweight title after her last fight with Amanda Serrano. Upcoming star Kevin Barron Crespo will also be in the ring against Christian Olivo Barreda, and young heavyweight Federico Pacheco is slated to start the evening against Carlos Cardenas, all streaming live on DAZN.