Shakur Stevenson Talks Upcoming Spence vs Crawford Fight: “A potential classic, similar to Leonard – Hagler”

05/29/2023 - No comments

Shakur Stevenson sat down with FightHype’s Ben Thompson for an interview to discuss the eagerly anticipated showdown between Errol Spence Jr. and Terence Crawford. The fight, slated for July 29th at Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena, is creating a wave of excitement in the boxing community. Despite a deep respect for Spence, Stevenson is throwing his support behind Crawford, a fighter he describes as a brother.

Stevenson believes that the fight, though long-awaited, is happening at the perfect time, saying, “fights don’t happen when they’re supposed to happen. If it didn’t happen, it just wasn’t meant to be at that time.” He goes on to assert his anticipation for the match, calling it a potential classic, similar to the iconic matchups between Leonard and Hagler.

Regarding Spence, often described as ‘basic’ by media and fans, Stevenson offers an insightful perspective. He argues that Spence isn’t just sticking to the basics, but is instead a “master of the basics.” He points to Spence’s strategic use of jabs as a perfect example of this mastery. “I don’t know nobody that throws as many jabs as Earl Spence… he kind of still sticks with what he’s doing the entire fight and it works for him,” Stevenson elaborated.

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When asked about Terence Crawford, Stevenson had nothing but praise for his work ethic and fighting style. He labelled him an “all-around throwback fighter,” admiring Crawford’s ability to switch stances, box, and bang. He compared Crawford’s relentless mentality to that of legendary basketball player, Kobe Bryant. “I’ve never seen anybody more competitive than Bud,” he shared, “he’s non-stop like all day.”

When asked about the potential outcome of the Spence-Crawford fight, Stevenson expressed his belief that a knockout could be a possibility. He explained, “Both of them dudes are thoroughbreds; they gonna want to fight… it’s like fire versus fire in there.”

Speaking on his own plans, Stevenson shared that his fans could expect to see him back in the ring around August or September. He expressed his gratitude for the ongoing support and assured his fans of his unwavering dedication. “I put my all into this so y’all ain’t gotta worry about me flopping or doing anything to mess up what I got going,” Stevenson promised.

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