“One Night In Millstreet” U.S. Documentary Premiere March 7th in New York City

02/19/2024 - No comments

“Millstreet Madness: Collins vs Eubank, A Punchy Tale” is set to knock out New York on March 7th, with the curtains opening at 7 p.m. ET, courtesy of Craic Fest 2024, taking over the Village East Cinema in the big apple.

This gritty documentary, crafted by Andrew Gallimore with words by Lydia Monin, takes us back to a brawl that had Ireland buzzing in ’95. On a weekend that was already bursting with St. Patrick’s Day cheer, Steve Collins and Chris Eubank decided to turn a quiet town in Ireland into a boxing bonanza, trading blows for the world title, and doing a fair bit of gabbing before the big day to get everyone all riled up.

Terence Mulligan, the big boss of the fest, reckons Collins is the embodiment of Craic Fest’s soul, which is saying something.

The film also tips its hat to Barry McGuigan and Barry Hearn, who’ve seen a few bouts in their time, painting a picture of an Ireland on the cusp of something big, shaking off the economic gloom and gearing up for brighter days.

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Collins, the hometown hero, nabbed the World Boxing Organization’s Super Middleweight crown from Eubank, sending the local crowd into a frenzy with a victory dance that lasted all 12 rounds. The lads went at it again later in the year, with Collins still standing tall after another grueling 12 rounds.

Collins, Dublin’s own, hung up his gloves in ’97, leaving behind a trail of 36 wins and a reputation as a bit of a legend in the Super Middleweight division. Eubank, not to be outdone, called it a day with 45 wins under his belt. Both lads had their time in the sun as champions in two weight classes, which is no small feat.

For those keen on a bit of a chinwag with Collins and Gallimore, they’ll be in the Big Apple for the premiere, ready to spill the beans post-showing. And because no good story ends at the closing credits, there’s an afterparty at Solas Bar, with Powers Irish Whiskey picking up the tab.

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