Avious Griffin Teams Up with Ring Magazine’s 2023 Trainer of the Year Brian ‘BoMac’ McIntyre

02/19/2024 - No comments

Undefeated welterweight sensation, Avious Griffin, with a record that’s all wins and nearly all knockouts (13-0, 12 KOs), has just teamed up with the legendary trainer Brian McIntyre, the bloke who bagged Ring Magazine’s Trainer of the Year in 2023. This is a big deal for Griffin, stepping up his game by joining forces with BoMac, a move that’s got everyone talking.

Griffin, with hands faster than a greased weasel and a punch that could knock the sense out of a brick wall, is now rubbing shoulders with the likes of Terence Crawford and the up-and-comer Keyshawn Davis, all under BoMac’s watchful eye. This lad’s aiming to be the top dog in the welterweight scrap, and with this team, he might just do it.

“Working with BoMac and the crew is a right treat,” Griffin was chuffed to say. “Their track record’s nothing to sniff at, and I’m all in for chasing glory with them. Training with the likes of Bud and Keshawn? That’s just the kick up the arse I need. New chapter, new fights, bring it on. Time to show the world what I’m made of.”

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BoMac, who’s no stranger to shaping champions, seems proper excited to have Griffin on board. “Avious is a proper fighter, with talent oozing out of him,” BoMac said. “Been keeping an eye on him and reckon with a bit of polish, he could be lifting that world champion belt. We’re going to work him hard, no doubt about it.”

Griffin’s also getting wisdom from Esaú Diéguez, another mastermind behind Crawford’s success. With these brainboxes in his corner, Griffin’s gearing up for some serious bouts ahead.

Brandon Stump, the big cheese at CTB Athletics and the man calling the shots for Griffin, reckons this partnership is the bee’s knees. “Linking up with BoMac’s squad is a game-changer for Avious,” Stump declared. “They’ve got a knack for churning out champs, and with them in Avious’s corner, the welterweight division had better watch out.”

Now, with Vegas as their playground, Griffin, BoMac, and the team are putting in the graft, eyeing up those championship belts. With this gang, the boxing world’s in for a right spectacle, and they’re just getting started.

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