Meet Tyson Lee: An Army veteran running for Vice President of World Boxing

11/14/2023 - No comments

Tyson Lee, the big cheese of USA Boxing’s Board of Directors, isn’t just some fly-by-night boxing fan. This guy’s love for the sport dates back to his youth, throwing punches with buddies in his neighborhood. But it wasn’t until his days at West Point that he really strapped on the gloves competitively. At West Point, Lee was nearly unbeatable, tallying just one loss over four years. Even during his Army days, he wasn’t just marching around; he was racking up wins in boxing tournaments, snagging three state titles in Hawaii with the 25th Infantry Division.

Post-Army life saw Lee swapping his boxing gloves for the cutthroat world of pharmaceutical and insurance sales, eventually building his own industrial empire in Alabama. But the ring called him back, and in 2019 he found himself at the helm of USA Boxing, re-elected with gusto in 2020. His tenure has been all about steering the ship right – think good governance, crystal-clear transparency, and solving the knotty problems at USA Boxing’s HQ.

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Lee’s got his eyes on a bigger prize now – a VP slot on World Boxing’s Board of Directors. With his stint as VP of the Americas Boxing Confederation under his belt, he’s not just blowing smoke. He’s aiming to infuse fairness, top-notch governance, and fiscal transparency into the sport, with a healthy dose of oversight. His rolodex is bursting with international contacts and he’s got the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee, plus USA Boxing, in his corner.

Lee’s big game plan? Revive Olympic-style boxing and inject some much-needed vitality. He’s all about strengthening ties with national federations and their Olympic Committees, earning the International Olympic Committee’s nod of approval for World Boxing. He’s not just talking the talk – he’s walked it, and his commitment to the sport’s integrity and transparency could make him a shoo-in for the VP role.

Come November 24-25, at Frankfurt am Main’s Mainacarden Venue, World Boxing is hosting its first-ever Congress. It’s a big deal, with members casting their votes for key positions like President and VP. Lee’s bid for VP isn’t just about a title – it’s about bringing his wealth of experience and a truckload of US resources to the World Boxing table.

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