Benavidez vs. Andrade, Charlo vs. Benavidez Jr. – Tonight’s Live Boxing Results

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David Benavidez, the super tough WBC Interim champ from Seattle, WA, with a record of 28-0 (24 KOs), really showed off his skills in the ring tonight. He faced off against Demetrius “Boo Boo” Andrade, a former Olympian and WBO Middleweight champ from Providence, RI, who had a record of 32-1 (19 KOs). This exciting fight was set for 12 rounds, but Benavidez ended it in just six!

Right from the first round, Benavidez made a big statement. He landed a powerful right punch to Andrade’s middle, making his knees wobble. Andrade wasn’t just standing around though; he got in a good combination of punches by the round’s end. Halfway through the second round, Andrade was on fire, landing a bunch of punches without any reply from Benavidez.

The third round was a bit different. Benavidez kept moving forward but wasn’t throwing as many punches, letting Andrade do most of the work. Then in round four, Benavidez took over! He landed a huge right on Andrade’s chin, and down Andrade went, getting an 8-count from Referee Thomas Taylor.

Round five was all Benavidez, landing uppercut after uppercut. Andrade tried to keep him away with his jab, but Benavidez was just too strong. The ring doctor even had to check on Andrade between rounds.

In round six, Benavidez knocked Andrade’s mouthpiece out with a left hook to the chin! Andrade’s corner decided that was enough and called an end to the fight.

WBC Middleweight champ Jermall “Hit Man” Charlo from Houston, TX, with a record of 33-0 (22 KOs), faced off against Jose “El Phoenix” Benavidez, Jr. from Phoenix, AZ, 28-3-1 (19 KOs). This fight went for 10 rounds, and Charlo won easily.

Charlo started strong in the first round. Benavidez used his jab well in the second round, but Charlo’s right uppercut near the round’s end was a highlight. At the end of the third round, even with Charlo against the ropes, he fought back hard.

Charlo dominated the fourth round, and Benavidez got a warning for hitting after the bell. The fifth round saw both fighters having their moments, but Benavidez finished stronger.

From the sixth to the eighth rounds, Charlo just outworked Benavidez. In the ninth, Benavidez tried to slug it out, knowing he needed a knockout, but still couldn’t win the round. The tenth and final round was all about Charlo’s power. Benavidez did his best, but it wasn’t enough.

The final scores were 98-92, 100-90, and 99-91, all in favor of Charlo.

Subriel Matías, the junior welterweight champion,  faced off against the previously unbeaten Shohjahon Ergashev. Matías turned up the heat from the get-go. By round four, his relentless onslaught started to take its toll, and by the end of the fifth, it was all over for Ergashev. Matías showcased his class, proving he’s not just a champion, but a force to be reckoned with.

Lamont Roach stepped into the ring against Héctor Luis Garcia for the WBA super featherweight title. The fight  was a strategic masterclass from Roach. He bided his time, and when the moment was right, in the eleventh round, he rocked Garcia. Then came the twelfth round knockout punch, sealing the deal in a spectacular fashion.

The judges were split, but it was clear who the night belonged to. Roach emerged victorious with two judges scoring in his favor, 114-113 and 116-111, while the third had it 114-113 for Garcia. But let’s face it, Roach owned that ring, and his victory was nothing short of well-deserved.

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Jermall Charlo vs. Jose Benavidez Jr. Fight: All You Need to Know

Q: What is the date and start time for the Jermall Charlo vs. Jose Benavidez Jr. fight?

  • A: The fight is on Saturday, November 25. It starts at 8 p.m. ET / 1 a.m. UK (Sunday) Live on Showtime PPV. The ringwalks for Charlo vs. Benavidez Jr. are approximately scheduled for 10 p.m. ET / 3 a.m. UK (Sunday). Note that these times may vary based on the length of the undercard fights.

Q: On which channel or stream can I watch the Jermall Charlo vs. Jose Benavidez Jr. fight?

  • A: In the U.S., the fight is available on Showtime PPV. In the UK, it can be watched on FITE TV.

Q: Where will the Jermall Charlo vs. Jose Benavidez Jr. fight take place?

  • A: The fight is set to take place at the Michelob ULTRA Arena at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

Q: What are the records and bios of Jermall Charlo and Jose Benavidez Jr.?

  • Jermall Charlo:
    • Nationality: American
    • Date of Birth: May 19, 1990
    • Height: 6′ 0″
    • Reach: 74″
    • Total Fights: 32
    • Record: 32-0 (22 KOs)
  • Jose Benavidez Jr.:
    • Nationality: American
    • Date of Birth: May 15, 1992
    • Height: 5′ 10″
    • Reach: 71.5″
    • Total Fights: 31
    • Record: 28-2-1 (19 KOs)

Q: What is the full fight card for the event?

    1. David Benavidez vs. Demetrius Andrade; Super Middleweight
    2. Subriel Matias vs. Shohjahon Ergashev; For Matias’ IBF World Super Lightweight Title
    3. Hector Luis Garcia vs. Lamont Roach; For Garcia’s WBA World Super Featherweight Title
    4. Jermall Charlo vs. Jose Benavidez Jr.; Catchweight (163 lbs)
    5. Sergey Lipinets vs. Michel Rivera; Super Lightweight
    6. Pablo Vicente vs. Muhammadkhuja Yaqubov; Super Featherweight
    7. Vito Mielnicki Jr. vs. Alexis Salazar Flores; Light Middleweight
    8. Daniel Blancas vs. Raiko Santana; Super Middleweight
    9. Israel Mercardo vs. Wesley Rivers; Super Lightweight
    10. Curmel Moton vs. Hunter Turbyfill; Featherweight
    11. Jabin Chollet vs. Jorge Perez; Lightweight
    12. Alex Holley vs. Allen Medina; Welterweight

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