Jermall Charlo makes triumphant return, Subriel Matías Wins – Fight Results

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Jermall Charlo made a triumphant return to the ring after a lengthy 29-month hiatus, showcasing a blend of determination, skill, and overwhelming power in his 10-round non-title fight against the resilient José Benavídez Jr., tipping the scales at a contracted 163 pounds. Dominating the bout, Charlo, the reigning WBC middleweight champion, used his size advantage and potent combination of a stinging jab and forceful right hands to dictate the pace. This impressive display culminated in a unanimous decision victory, with scores of 100-90, 99-91, and 98-92, maintaining Charlo’s unblemished record of 33-0, 22 KOs. Meanwhile, Benavídez’s record adjusted to 28-3-1, 19 KOs. The weigh-in before the fight saw Charlo at 166.4 pounds, slightly heavier than Benavídez’s 161.2 pounds, but both camps consented to proceed. Charlo’s sharpness in the ring was evident, landing 116 of 334 jabs (35% connect-rate) and 127 of 279 power punches (46% efficiency).

“I’ll be back stronger, just know that,” Charlo confidently stated, reflecting on his journey and expressing gratitude towards those who stood by him, including Al Haymon. Charlo’s experience in the ring, he notes, is a testament to his belief that one can overcome any challenge.

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Benavídez, no stranger to tough fights, having previously engaged with Terence Crawford and being an accomplished amateur, showcased his resilience against Charlo’s larger frame. Despite a slow start, Charlo soon took control, leveraging his abilities to become one of the most exciting and skilled fighters in his division.

Benavídez acknowledged Charlo’s superiority, saying, “He’s a good fighter, I’m not going to make any excuses. I came to fight.” He expressed his belief that the fight was closer than the judges scored but accepted the outcome gracefully, unsure if Charlo’s weight advantage played a role.

Charlo initially appeared sluggish, a side effect of his absence from the ring, but quickly found his rhythm. He landed a potent right uppercut in the second round and continued to dominate, especially in the fourth round, where Benavídez struggled under Charlo’s relentless assault. By the tenth round, Charlo had firmly established his dominance, leading to a respectful resolution of their rivalry post-fight.

In other pay-per-view undercard action, IBF Junior Welterweight champion Subriel Matías delivered another signature performance, overpowering Shohjahon Ergashev in a thrilling contest. Ergashev, visibly exhausted and unable to continue, conceded the fight before the start of the sixth round. This victory marked Matías’ 20th stoppage in 21 fights, solidifying his reputation for relentless aggression and stamina. Ergashev’s record shifted to 23-1, 20 KOs, after this defeat.

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Matías, undeterred by Ergashev’s initial offense, said, “When I started feeling [Ergashev’s] punches in the first round, I knew he didn’t have the power to knock me out. That’s when I started attacking.” He confidently invited other notable fighters in his division to challenge him.

Ergashev, hampered by an injury, lamented his inability to execute his strategy, acknowledging the impact of Matías’ power on his performance.

Matías’ victory mirrored his previous triumph over Jeremias Ponce, showcasing his ability to absorb punishment and then overpower his opponents. Ergashev began the fight strongly but soon found himself overwhelmed by Matías’ relentless pressure and precision. Matías connected on 108 of 317 total punches (34%) compared to Ergashev’s 44 of 235 (19%), dominating the bout with a mix of power punches and jabs.

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