Live Boxing Tonight: Lewis Crocker – Jose Felix

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Saturday’s action at Ulster Hall in Belfast will be shown live on DAZN, tune in at 2 pm ET

Event Lewis Crocker vs. Jose Felix
Date Saturday, January 27 live on DAZN
Start Time 7 p.m. UK / 2 p.m. ET
Main Event Ringwalks (Approx) 10 p.m. UK / 5 p.m. ET
Location Ulster Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland


YouTube video

Lewis Crocker: Returning to Belfast so soon is remarkable. This time, I’m leading the event. The atmosphere in the city last month was electric, with both the fight week and night being memorable experiences. To repeat this so soon is extraordinary, especially against a tough competitor like him. He recently defeated Gary Cully, showing strength and skill in that fight. I anticipate an explosive showdown on Saturday. The last fight, being a Belfast versus Belfast scenario, held immense significance for me. Rating my performance, I’d say it was exemplary, as the stakes were personal. Winning in front of my friends and family was a thrilling experience that really put me on the map. Now, with the backing of Matchroom and DAZN, the dynamics have changed. The last fight week made me realize the magnitude of this stage. Being the main event next month shows their belief in me. I’m focused on Jose Felix, but a striking victory on Saturday paves the way for a significant year ahead. I expect an electrifying fight, as he seems to share my mindset. This fight feels more perilous than the McKenna one. While the McKenna fight was mentally taxing, the stakes are always high. Felix’s confidence from beating Cully makes him eager to create another upset in Ireland.

Jose Felix:

I’d like to express my gratitude to everyone here, to God, Matchroom for their continued support, and to Paco, my manager. I’m also thankful for the overwhelming support from the people of Ireland. It feels like I have more fans here than in Mexico. The upcoming fight is intriguing. My previous bout with Cully was a struggle due to weight management. Now, at 147, I’m better prepared and eager to impress Eddie Hearn and prove my potential as Matchroom’s next star. In the Cully fight, my main challenge was making weight, but now that pressure is off. I understand my opponent might try to capitalize on the weight factor, but I’m confident in securing a victory on Saturday and delivering an unforgettable show. Don’t miss this fight – both Crocker and I pack a punch, making it a must-watch. I’m incredibly grateful for the love and support I’ve received here, making me feel as if I’m in Mexico.

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Cheavon Clarke:

Reflecting on Tommy McCarthy’s absence in your last fight, this Saturday will reveal if he’s my toughest challenge yet. He’s faced some reputable fighters in the British circuit but hasn’t always come out on top. This weekend, we’ll see the truth. I’ve only seen snippets of his fights and haven’t delved deeply into his career to form a judgment. His talk of fast-tracking doesn’t apply to me. I progress at my own pace, whereas he might have advanced more slowly. They assign me a fight, I believe in my victory, and I accept it. External negativity won’t influence the fight; it’s about professionalism and focus. As an experienced amateur who’s competed globally, I’m accustomed to challenging environments. I’m prepared for whatever energy comes my way on Saturday. McCarthy may be humorous, but it’s all about the energy in the ring. My approach is to maintain a positive attitude while delivering a powerful performance.

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Weights & Running Order

17:30 DOORS SWING OPEN Get ready to step into the world of fist-flying action!


Starting with:

  • 4 x 3 mins International Super-Welterweight Contest
    • LELI BUTTIGIEG tipping the scales at 158.5 lbs From Newham, England
    • ARTJOM SPATAR weighing in at 157.5 lbs Hailing from Narva, Estonia

Followed by:

  • 6 x 3 mins International Super-Featherweight Contest
    • KURT WALKER with a weight of 133.2 lbs Representing Lisburn, Northern Ireland
    • DARWING MARTINEZ at 130.6 lbs Coming in from Managua, Nicaragua

Then, at 19:00 WE GO LIVE ON DAZN

  • 6 x 3 mins Super-Featherweight Contest
    • GIORGIO VISIOLI weighing 133.2 lbs From Guidford, England
    • SAMUEL PIKIRE just a smidge heavier at 133.5 lbs Representing Longbridge, England

Next in Line:

  • 10 x 3 mins WBA International Welterweight Title Fight
    • CONAH WALKER stepping in at 146.4 lbs Wolverhampton, England’s own
    • LLOYD GERMAIN barely edging out at 146.6 lbs The pride of Cardiff, Wales

Continuing the Action:

  • 10 x 3 mins WBA Continental Welterweight Title Clash
    • PADDY DONOVAN also at 146.4 lbs Straight from Limerick, Ireland
    • WILLIAMS ANDRES HERRERA matching at 146.6 lbs La Calera, Argentina’s contender

And then:

  • 10 x 3 mins WBA Intercontinental Cruiserweight Title Bout
    • CHEAVON CLARKE a solid 199.6 lbs The challenger from Gravesend, England
    • TOMMY MCCARTHY a touch lighter at 199.4 lbs Belfast, Northern Ireland’s fighter

Capping off the Night:

  • 10 x 3 mins WBO Intercontinental Welterweight Title
    • LEWIS CROCKER a hefty 150 lbs Another Belfast, Northern Ireland warrior
    • JOSE FELIX tipping at 146.6 lbs The contender from Los Mochis, Mexico

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