Jose Valenzuela KOs Chris Colbert – Fight Results

12/17/2023 - No comments

Jose “Rayo” Valenzuela (13-2, 9 KOs) unleashed a knockout punch in the sixth round to floor Chris “Primetime” Colbert (17-2, 6 KOs) in their rematch for the WBA Lightweight Title Eliminator. Last time they danced, Colbert squeaked by with a decision win in March.

Valenzuela, fresh from that loss, came back with a vengeance. “Hit the gym right after that fight,” he said. “Big thanks to Chris. He’s a tough cookie, and I owe him one for getting me here. Takes two to tango, right?”

Just like their first tussle, Valenzuela started with fire, dropping Colbert in the first round with a storm of punches that backed Colbert into the ropes, forcing him to take a knee. Valenzuela landed a whopping 33 punches in that round.

Echoing their first scrap, Colbert showed his mettle, using his ring smarts to hang in there, even landing some solid blows in the early rounds. After losing the first fight on the scorecards, thanks to Colbert’s jab, Valenzuela came back with slicker footwork and a cool head, setting up his victory.

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Valenzuela tipped his hat to Colbert. “He made me step up my game, adjust my strategy. Knew I could go 12 rounds, so I took it slow. Didn’t want to burn out. I was just picking my shots, working the body and head.”

In the fifth, Valenzuela cranked up the heat, and in the sixth, he was on the prowl, hunting Colbert around the ring. Mid-round, he found his golden moment with a right hook that rocked Colbert, leading referee Joel Scobie to call it quits 1:46 into the round.

Valenzuela broke down the knockout punch. “He thought I was going for a jab, but I dipped and swung that right hook.”

Post-fight, Colbert was already itching for a trilogy. “We’re tied up, let’s go again,” he said.

Valenzuela, though, had other plans. “Fans don’t want a third round; I already beat him twice. I was patient for this. This was about the title shot. So, ‘Tank’ Davis, you’re up next. Let’s give the crowd a real showdown… I think I’ve earned it.”

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