Who Won? David Morrell Jr – Sena Agbeko Fight Results

12/17/2023 - 3 comments

David Morrell Jr., the undefeated WBA Super Middleweight Champ, really shook up the joint in his second home, blowing Sena Agbeko out of the water in just two rounds. This rumble happened Saturday night at The Armory in Minneapolis, served up by Premier Boxing Champions.

Morrell, cool as a cucumber, thanked his fans post-fight. “I’m schooling everyone on who’s the boss here,” he said. “Ready for what’s next. But first, I’m heading home for Christmas to chill and then gear up for next year.”

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The Cuban native, now Minneapolis’ own boxing wizard since 2019, has been handing out knockouts like candy at The Armory. This time, in front of a jam-packed crowd, he made quick work of Agbeko (28-3, 22 KOs), wrapping things up 1:43 into round two.

It started with a zinger of an uppercut from Morrell, sending Agbeko stumbling to the ropes, desperately hoping for a miracle. But Morrell, smelling victory, hammered him again with a straight left. A flurry of hooks later, and the ref, Mark Nelson, had to dive in to save Agbeko from more punishment. CompuBox stats say Morrell landed a whopping 68% of his power shots in that fateful round.

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Morrell, still buzzing from the fight, said, “It’s a real hoot that everyone turned up for my fight. My folks were here too, first time ever. So, tonight’s mine. I’m owning this year and can’t wait to see what 2024 brings.”

Post-fight, Morrell reiterated his itch for a scrap with another undefeated champ, the slugger David Benavidez.

“In 2024, I want Benavidez in the ring. No ifs or buts about it,” Morrell declared.

3 thoughts on “Who Won? David Morrell Jr – Sena Agbeko Fight Results”

  1. We’re asking for a Benavidez vs Morell bout,but is kind of strange for the Benavidez fans,it seems they have all types of excuses in order to justify,their favorite.
    Best against best,that’s what should be about for the fans,the real ones,we’re not economist,accountants or promoters,So,we should be focus,in the materialization of the top challenges.
    So Benavidez,Morell call you up AGAIN in national TV And looks very much,like Canelo,’will do,what Canelo does
    Whatever he wants!

  2. Morell is the real deal,not just because of his KO power,but for his versatiles capabilities,box of brawl if necessary,he has all the tools,and the most scary thing ,is that he’s still improving.

  3. Forget Benavidez and “their kind”,the so called,warriors or monsters,are “the real runners in da game”.They have a bunch of precedentes,in wich,they used all kind of excuses….As a matter of fact,they’re the “Kings of Excuses”.

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