Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramirez to promote his first show at home this Friday in Mazatlán, Mexico

12/05/2023 - No comments

Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramirez, the Mazatlán mauler who slung Mexico’s first super middleweight title across his broad shoulders, is about to drop a haymaker you won’t see coming. This Friday night, Zurdo Promotions, the one-man wrecking crew he cobbled together, is throwing a seven-fight fiesta in his Mazatlán hometown.

First off, we got two Houston heavyweights, Zachary Spiller and Danielle Perkins, both undefeated and hungry, ready to trade leather like it’s the last ribeye at a free barbeque. Perkins, she ain’t just another joek—she’s a gold medalist from the 2019 amateur championships, a jab-slinging sorceress with a right hook that’ll rattle your fillings.

And of course, Zurdo ain’t forgetting his Mazatlán roots. He’s got super lightweights Alfonso Alvarez and Oscar Velez, both scrappy kids with more heart than a junkyard, ready to throw down. And if that ain’t enough, there’s Jesus Leon, the 23-year-old lightweight from Culiacan, a left-hook artist with 19 KOs to his name—that’s almost as many knockouts as your uncle Tony after a tequila bender.

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But Zurdo, he ain’t just throwing a punch party. He’s building a bridge, a shimmering viaduct from the mean streets of Mazatlán to the glitzy rings of the US of A. He wants these young fighters to chase their dreams like starved dogs after a porterhouse, and he’s laying down the red carpet (or should I say red canvas?) for them to strut their stuff.

“I’m buzzing with joy, man,” Zurdo says, his voice rough as sandpaper but eyes twinkling like a Christmas tree. “I get to give back to Mazatlán, the place that made me, and help these kids punch their ticket to the big leagues. This ain’t just about me—it’s about showing the world what Mazatlán’s got brewing. We got heart, we got grit, and we got hooks that’ll leave you humming La Cucaracha through a broken jaw. So come one, come all, and witness the next generation carve their own paths to glory.”

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So there you have it, straight from the Zurdo’s corner. Get your tickets, grab your cervezas, and prepare for a night of leather.