How do you score a boxing fight?

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1. The Famous Ten-Point Must System If you’ve spent even a minute around boxing, you’ve probably heard of the ten-point must system. It sounds like some complex mathematical equation, right? In reality, it’s straightforward. Each round, the boxer who performs … more

What is Catchweight in Boxing?

Envision a scenario. A heavyweight boxer wants to challenge a middleweight champ. Yet, their distinct weight classes pose an insurmountable obstacle. To level the odds and facilitate the match, a ‘catchweight’ is established. Catchweight, in the language of boxing, is … more

Boxing: Orthodox vs Southpaw: What Is The Best Stance?

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What’s your flavor when it comes to the sweet science of boxing, southpaw or orthodox? This question is as essential to boxing as the ingredients in a prizefighter’s nutritional regimen, and the answer is as elusive as the ‘Ali shuffle.’ … more

What is the Rehydration Clause in Boxing?

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Picture this: it’s the day before a huge boxing fight. Fighters are weighing in.  Suddenly, one boxer steps on the scale, and the room falls silent. He’s under the weight limit, by a pound or two. Success, right? Perhaps, but … more

Three Major Misunderstandings About Boxing

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I will always remember when I started boxing aged 9 and the unforgettable magic of the gym: I will forever cherish the memories of perfecting the speed ball; the rat-tat-tat of the skipping ropes; learning to punch on the bag … more

Boxing Rules & Regulations

Boxing rules and regulations can vary slightly between amateur and professional organizations, as well as between different sanctioning bodies. Here’s an overview of some key boxing rules and regulations: Rounds: Professional boxing matches typically consist of 10-12 three-minute rounds with … more

All boxing weight classes In kg and lbs

Here are the weight classes according to the major professional organizations like the WBC, WBA, IBF, and WBO: Minimumweight/Strawweight: 105 lbs (47.6 kg) Light Flyweight/Junior Flyweight: 108 lbs (49 kg) Flyweight: 112 lbs (50.8 kg) Super Flyweight/Junior Bantamweight: 115 lbs … more

Boxing Gloves: Sizes, Which Gloves To Use

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Boxing gloves come in a variety of sizes that are generally measured in ounces (oz), which refer to the weight of the gloves. The weight of the gloves affects the amount of padding and therefore the level of protection they … more

Boxers MUST Believe They’re The Best

Show me a fighter who doesn’t think he is the best and I will show you a fighter who’s either been beaten mentally before, is being beaten mentally right now, or is primed to be beaten mentally in the very … more