Freddy Kiwitt WBF World Champion!

11/25/2023 - No comments

On a thrilling Friday night, November 25, at the Deutches Haus in Flensburg, Germany, Freddy “Pretty Boy” Kiwitt claimed the vacant World Boxing Federation (WBF) World Super Welterweight title. It was a night of quick jabs and sharp hooks!

Originally, Kiwitt was supposed to face Harry Simon Jr., but plans changed last minute. Instead, he squared off against Luis Enrique Romero from Venezuela, after Simon had to pull out.

Kiwitt showed off his skills, dazzling with fast, powerful combinations and smartly keeping his distance. But Romero wasn’t one to back down easily – he proved tough and tenacious, especially when they got up close and personal.

The fight really heated up when Romero got Kiwitt to trade blows toe-to-toe. The Liberia-born German boxer, however, seemed just as happy and adept fighting in close quarters.

As the fight wore on past the halfway point, Romero started to feel the strain of the intense pace. Kiwitt scored a knock-down in the eighth round, though some thought it was a bit iffy.

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But in the tenth round, there was no question. Kiwitt landed some heavy hooks that sent Romero to the mat again. Romero showed his grit by getting back up, but his stamina was fading.

Before the eleventh round could kick off, Romero’s trainer threw in the towel, signaling that Romero couldn’t continue. This handed Kiwitt a well-earned victory by technical knockout.

Both fighters put on a stellar show, with Kiwitt improving his impressive record to 25 wins (15 by knockout) and only 3 losses. Romero, though defeated, put up a valiant fight, now standing at 11 wins, 7 losses, and 1 draw. Props to the promoter, Kahrlo Rueda, for setting up such an electrifying bout!