World Boxing announces 2024 competition calendar

11/25/2023 - No comments

World Boxing, this cool new group that wants to keep boxing in the Olympics, just threw out a game plan for 2024. They’re also asking for places to host their big brawls – I mean, fights.

They’ve got this flashy calendar for 2024, packed with events. They’re introducing two new fight styles: the World Boxing Cup and the World Boxing Challenge. Sounds fun, right?

Now, they’re looking for a spot to hold the U19 World Boxing Championships in November 2024 and the first Elite World Boxing Championships in November 2025. Both these throwdowns will have boys and girls fighting in different weight groups.

If any National Federation thinks they’ve got what it takes to host these battles, they can shoot an email to for more info.

Simon Toulson, the big cheese at World Boxing, says that they’re all about giving boxers cool opportunities to show their skills. They’re working with important folks and groups to make sure these events are awesome.

World Boxing’s got members from every continent where people box. They’re planning to set up world championships and can’t wait to hear from cities and countries wanting to join the party.

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The 2024 tournament calendar’s got something for everyone, and it even includes qualifiers for the Paris Olympics. Boxers from member countries of World Boxing can fight in all their tournaments. And guess what? Even boxers from non-member countries can join in some events before the 2024 Olympics if World Boxing’s big bosses say it’s cool.

The World Boxing Cup is this new yearly battle where top male and female fighters earn points and then clash in a big finale for the main prize.

Lauren Price, a gold medalist from Tokyo 2020 and part of World Boxing’s crew, is super excited about this. She thinks it’s a great way for boxers to get better by facing all kinds of opponents.

The first round of the World Boxing Cup 2024 is happening in England from January 16-21, 2024, hosted by GB Boxing and England Boxing. After that, there’s a round in Pueblo, Colorado, in the USA in April, followed by more rounds, ending with the grand finale later in 2024.

The World Boxing Challenge is for smaller fights hosted by National Federations. Fighters earn points here too, which helps them get into the World Boxing Cup and other big events.

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In the lead-up to Paris 2024, World Boxing’s senior elite fights will have the same 13 weight classes as the Olympics.

Simon Toulson says they’re making the game better for fighters and the sport. World Boxing’s growing and they plan to add more fights for everyone. They promise a reliable schedule so fighters and coaches know what’s up.

The full calendar and list of fights are out there for anyone interested.

And there’s more! Beyond England and the USA, World Boxing’s chatting with potential hosts for 2024 events. They promise to pick hosts fairly and in a way that’s best for the fighters.

All World Boxing fights will be watched by independent groups to make sure the judging is fair.

World Boxing kicked off in April 2023, aiming to keep boxing in the Olympics. They want to work with the International Olympic Committee to keep boxing in the Olympics for Los Angeles 2028 and beyond.