Face-off: Josh Taylor reveals what he said to Teofimo Lopez

06/08/2023 - No comments

Speaking to KO Artist Sports, Josh Taylor revealed what he told Teofimio during the the face off: “Ah, nothing man, I just wanted to ask him what his outfit was all about,” Taylor shrugged, referring to his rival’s unique wardrobe choice. “It looked ridiculous. You know, if you ordered Tony Montana off Wish, you’d get Teo Fima Lupes.”

He laughed off his opponent’s peculiar fashion sense, showing that he was more focused on the fight than the theatrics surrounding it. Taylor seems to be all business when it comes to the ring. His serious demeanor mirrors his fierce fighting style, and his comments suggest he’s ready to bring the heat.

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“I’ve seen him face to face. He looks a little nervous, you know, the eyes don’t lie. He’s got a little nervous energy,” Taylor analyzed. “He’ll be thinking I look tight at the weight, but let him think whatever he wants.”

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Taylor was quick to note his opponent’s avoidance of eye contact.

“He wouldn’t look at me when I walked past him. That’s a little telltale,” he added.

There has been a lot of trash talk leading up to the fight, with Taylor’s opponent saying he’s going to ‘take his life’. Taylor, however, isn’t fazed.

“Boxing is a vicious game. I’m training to render him unconscious. The punches I’m throwing are real intent to cause pain and damage. That’s what I’m intending to do on Saturday,” he asserted with confidence.

But despite the fierce rhetoric, Taylor was clear about his respect for the sport and his opponent.

“After the fight, I wish that he gets back to his family safe and sound. There’s no actual long-lasting damage because at the end of the day, I’m a fighting man,” he confessed. “I’ll fight my own shadow. I fight in an empty house.”

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As for the pre-fight banter, including his opponent referring to his kilt as a dress, Taylor’s response was both cheeky and stern.

“I said yeah, I’ll be wearing that kilt, and he’ll be lying on his back with my big Scottish balls right in his face,” he retorted.

Taylor envisions a methodical beatdown on the fight night. “If I have my shot and get the highlight real knockout, great. But I can really see me just damaging him on Saturday.”

One thing is certain, the Tartan Tornado is more than ready to throw down, and this storm isn’t showing any signs of letting up.

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