Broner vs Hutchinson Weigh In Results from Miami, Florida

06/09/2023 - No comments

Today, the boxing community turned its attention toward the official weigh-ins for the Broner Hutchinson fight card. Eight key match-ups are scheduled on the fight card, featuring a mix of seasoned champions and young contenders.

Main Event: Adrien Broner vs. Bill Hutchinson

In the main event of the evening, Adrien Broner tips the scale at 147 lbs, going head to head against Bill Hutchinson who came in at 145.5 lbs. Both fighters appeared in tremendous shape and ready to put on a show in this thrilling welterweight battle.

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Co-Main Event: Ahmed Elbiali vs. Rodolfo Gomez

Ahmed Elbiali weighed in at a solid 173.8 lbs, set to face off against Rodolfo Gomez, who matched him closely at 174 lbs. This light heavyweight showdown promises explosive power and captivating ringcraft.

Guillermo Rigondeaux vs. Charlie Clemente

Two-time Olympic champion Guillermo Rigondeaux is set to make his return to the ring against Charlie Clemente. Rigondeaux weighed in at 118.8 lbs, a hair under Clemente’s 119.4 lbs. The Bantamweight division will witness a classic battle of skill and strategy between these two.

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Neslan Machado vs. Jonathan Smith

Promising featherweight Neslan Machado tipped the scales at 127.8 lbs, slightly heavier than his opponent Jonathan Smith who came in at an even 127 lbs. With both fighters in peak physical condition, this bout promises high-octane action.

Antonio Williams vs. Braulio Rodriguez

In the super featherweight division, Antonio Williams made weight at 133.6 lbs, slightly under his rival, Braulio Rodriguez, who weighed in at 134.8 lbs. This weight difference could come into play in their upcoming bout, as both fighters look to climb the rankings.

Adlay Rodriguez vs. Raul Garcia Jr.

Welterweights Adlay Rodriguez and Raul Garcia Jr. tipped the scales at 146.2 lbs and 146.8 lbs respectively. With only a slight weight difference between the two, their match-up promises an intense, competitive fight.

Antonio Perez vs. Nigel Fennell

Welterweight Antonio Perez weighed in at 145.8 lbs, set to clash with Nigel Fennell, who came in just slightly heavier at 146.6 lbs. Both fighters have displayed fierce knockout power in the past and are expected to bring their A-game to the ring.

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Dorian Bostic vs. Joshua Clark

In the lightweight division, Dorian Bostic tipped the scales at 133.2 lbs, all set to face off against Joshua Clark, who weighed in at 134 lbs. This bout is expected to showcase swift footwork and sharp, precise punching.

Alex Esponda vs. Robert Rodriguez

Rounding out the card, middleweights Alex Esponda and Robert Rodriguez weighed in at 155.4 lbs and 151.6 lbs respectively. With a notable weight advantage, Esponda will look to leverage this in what promises to be an exciting clash of power and technique.

These boxers’ respective weights will add a fascinating dimension to the fights. Each weight class brings its unique blend of speed, power, and stamina. As always, the scale provides a critical pre-fight narrative but it is the skill, heart, and determination demonstrated in the ring that will ultimately decide who leaves victorious. Tune in for what promises to be a night of thrilling boxing action.