David Morrell Jr. Assess Edgar Berlanga: “I’ll Knock Him Out in One Round”

02/27/2024 - No comments

David Morrell Jr., the undefeated WBA World Champion with a stellar record (10-0, 9 KOs), threw down the gauntlet with some fiery words for the up-and-comer Edgar Berlanga (22-0, 17 KOs), who’s riding high after his sixth-round KO victory over Padraig McCrory (18-1, 9 KOs). Morrell Jr. didn’t hold back, asserting that Berlanga doesn’t measure up to him and boldly claimed he could floor Berlanga in a single round if they ever clashed in the ring.

Fresh from a series of victories, including a standout win over Alantez Fox that secured him the WBA World title, Morrell Jr. didn’t mince words when sizing up Berlanga’s recent win streak.

“Berlanga is simply not on my level,” said Morrell Jr. “I’ve watched his fights, and I see nothing that worries me. Berlanga sucks, and I would destroy him. If we ever step into the ring together, I’ll knock him out in one round, guaranteed.”
Morrell Jr. is on a mission to cement his legacy as the top dog in the division, unshaken by any contender that steps his way.

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“I’m in this to showcase I’m second to none,” Morrell Jr. stated emphatically. “Be it Berlanga or any other challenger, I’m geared up to enter the ring and let my skills do the talking. I stand as the premier super middleweight fighter, and it’s only a matter of time before this becomes common knowledge.”

With the fight world buzzing about his next bout, fans are on the edge of their seats, waiting to see Morrell Jr. back in action and demonstrating his dynamite power in the ring once more