Berlanga: “I’m going to hurt McCrory and knock him the f*** out tonight!”

02/24/2024 - No comments

Edgar Berlanga is itching for Padraig McCrory to walk the walk and bring the thunder when they tangle at Caribe Royale in Orlando, Florida this Saturday night, under the bright lights of DAZN’s global stage.

Berlanga, with a record of 21 victories with 16 of those coming by knockout, is fresh off a triumph over Jason Quigley last June at the iconic Theater at Madison Square Garden. The Puerto Rican powerhouse is on a mission to pick up right where he left off—sending Quigley to the canvas twice in their final round showdown—as he eyes dominance in the super-middleweight division.

The 26-year-old Berlanga sees McCrory, who also has an unblemished record of 18 wins, as his toughest challenge yet. With McCrory hinting at a barnburner in Orlando, Berlanga is all in for delivering a spectacle that’ll have fans on the edge of their seats.

“He’s the real deal, no doubt about it,” Berlanga admits. “An unbeaten fighter brings a whole different beast to the ring, fighting tooth and nail to keep that zero. I give every opponent their due respect, and I know McCrory’s here to prove a point. He’s top-drawer, unbeaten, and we’re neck and neck in fight count. This is shaping up to be a real litmus test.”

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Berlanga jests, “I reckon once I land one on him, he might just hit the road. I can’t see him sticking around for a slugfest. But hey, we’re ready for whatever he throws our way. If he thinks he can outmaneuver us or land a cheeky one, we’re onto it. And if he’s up for a scrap, well, he’s dubbed ‘The Hammer’ for a reason, right? Time will tell.”

“When my fists start flying come Saturday, I hope he’s braced for impact. I’m bringing the whole fireworks display. If he locks eyes with me at the presser, he’ll know what’s coming. I’m here to throw down, and I’m praying he’s in fighting shape so we can tear the house down for the fans. I’m on the hunt, and he better be ready to weather the storm, ’cause I’m out for the knockout.”

“Locking horns with Jason was a spectacle. But here’s the thing—McCrory’s pegging this as his big break. They all amp up when they step in with me, just like they do against the big names. It’s a game-changer for them. Just like Jason, who despite hitting the deck four times, kept getting back up. There’s no quit in these guys when they’re up against me.”

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“I’ve got a soft spot for the Irish fans, my manager included. But sorry, McCrory’s got to go. They might just start calling me the Irish Assassin. The vibe in New York was electric, with Irish flags flying high. Much like Puerto Rico, Ireland’s got that fight in their blood.”

The Berlanga-McCrory showdown is just one highlight of a stacked night in Orlando. The undercard features Andy Cruz, a Cuban lightweight prodigy, squaring off against Mexico’s Brayan Zamarippa for two regional titles.

In a welterweight eliminator, Shakhram Giyasov and Pablo Cesar Cano are set to duke it out for a shot at the WBA World title. Plus, Antonio Vargas and Jonathan Rodriguez are eyeing a step closer to the WBA World Bantamweight title in another eliminator showcased on DAZN’s main card.

Kicking off the Before The Bell segment, Yankiel Rivera steps into his first title fight against Andy Dominguez for the flyweight titles, alongside heavyweight Herich Ruiz taking on Mitch Williams, and Aaron Aponte facing Joseph Fernandez in a super-lightweight clash.

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