Franck Petitjean vs. Adam Azim: Viewing Details & Start Time Tonight

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Watch live tonight on Sky Sports Main Event in the UK and Ireland from 7pm (GMT) with undercard action also available on the Sky Sports Boxing YouTube channel, and on Peacock in the USA from 3pm (ET).

Making his way from Paris, European middleweight champ Franck Petitjean (24-6-3, 6 KO’s) landed in London for a fight announcement with Britain’s promising super-lightweight, Adam Azim (9-0, 6 KO’s). The spotlight is on as Azim has his eyes set on snatching Petitjean’s EBU title on November 18th in the main event of BOXXER: WOLVES AT THE DOOR.

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Both fighters shared a moment under the London sun, flexing their skills at the Kensington Boxing Club during an open workout. The media’s inerest was evident as they were all ears to their comments and itching to snap some great fight photos. Not to be overshadowed, Tyler Denny also graced the event, preparing to challenge EBU middleweight kingpin Matteo Signani soon.

Azim  is aiming for nothing short of the EBU crown, a move that has other British promoters green with envy. A win here isn’t just about the bling; it’s about tracing the iconic footsteps of the legend he looks up to, ‘Prince’ Naseem Hamed. Claiming the EBU title while still wet behind the ears, age-wise, would sling Azim right into the thick of significant world title chatter.

Petitjean, a crafty southpaw, isn’t just some random bloke from across the channel. After clinching the French national championship and successfully keeping challengers at bay in three defenses, he didn’t just sit around sipping espresso. No, sir! He leapt onto the European stage, clinched the EBU super-lightweight belt, and even took a swing at the IBO world championship in 2018. Fast forward to June this year, and he’s got the EBU strap back around his waist. Come November 18th, he’s set to defend his title, marking the beginning of his second reign as champion, with Azim eagerly waiting in the opposite corner.

Mark the date – BOXXER: WOLVES AT THE DOOR is all set to set the ring ablaze on Saturday, November 18th. The venue? None other than The Halls in Wolverhampton. For those glued to their screens, Sky Sports is the place to be for exclusive live coverage in the UK and Ireland.

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Franck Petitjean, EBU European Super-Lightweight Champion Competing in the UK is a dream scenario for me. Boxing holds significant stature here, unlike in France. I’m truly delighted. It’s a significant fight with a promising newcomer. I always give my best against stronger opponents, so this excites me. Having previously competed internationally, I relish the role of the underdog.

Though he’s showcased talent, who has he really fought against? He hasn’t met someone with my track record. I stand tall in my achievements. Despite the noise around him, I’ve claimed the national title four times and the European title twice. I’m determined to prove my champion status. If he desires my title, he needs to be aggressive and take chances.

Adam Azim, EBU European Super-Lightweight Championship Contender This fight signifies a huge leap for me. The EBU European Championship is my gateway to a global title, and I’m grateful to BOXXER and Shane McGuigan for this opportunity.

A victory will propel me into the global ranks, establishing me as a top-contender, likely within the world’s top ten. Once you climb this high, there’s no looking back. My eyes are set on the European title first, followed by potential defenses, and then targeting the global title.

I confidently told Petitjean that I plan to win this title in Wolverhampton and bring it home. While I admire his achievements, they won’t deter me from my mission in November.

Facing southpaws is something I genuinely enjoy. Though many may not share this sentiment, my amateur fights against several southpaws have given me valuable experience. Many of those opponents later became European and global champions, which only adds to my confidence.

Tyler Denny, EBU European Middleweight Championship Contender The excitement is overwhelming! The demand for tickets is through the roof. This fight represents the pinnacle of my career so far. While the opportunity for a British title was on the horizon, winning the European title seems more prestigious. The wait has been worthwhile.

I’m fully confident that we’ll see a new European middleweight champion come November 18th. I’ve advised Matteo Signani to ensure he brings the title, as I intend to claim it. I eagerly await the contest.

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Petitjean vs. Azim Fight Overview

When is the Petitjean vs. Azim fight?

  • Date: Saturday, November 18
  • Start Time: 4:00 p.m. ET / 9:00 p.m. UK
  • Fight Ringwalks (Approx): 6:00 p.m. ET / 11:00 p.m. UK
  • Note: These times may change depending on the length of the undercard fights.

Where will the fight be broadcast?

  • In the U.S.: Peacock
  • In the UK: Sky Sports
  • Additional Info: The fight will be available on Peacock in the U.S., and Sky Sports will cover it in the UK.

Where is the fight taking place?

  • Location: The Halls, Wolverhampton, England

What are the fighters’ records and bios?

  1. Franck Petitjean
    • Nationality: French
    • Date of Birth: February 11, 1988
    • Height and Reach: Not Available
    • Total Fights: 33
    • Record: 24-6-3 (6 KOs)
  2. Adam Azim
    • Nationality: British
    • Date of Birth: July 21, 2002
    • Height: 5’11”
    • Reach: Not Available
    • Total Fights: 9
    • Record: 9-0 (6 KOs)

Weights &  fight card?

  • EBU European Super Lightweight Championship weigh-ins saw Franck Petitjean hit 10st (63.5 kg), while Adam Azim was slightly lighter at 9st 13lbs 5oz (63.23 kg).
  • For the EBU European Middleweight Championship, Matteo Signani weighed in at 11st 4lbs 5oz (71.67 kg), and Tyler Denny was close behind at 11st 5lbs 5oz (71.87 kg).
  • In the cruiserweight category, Richard Riakporhe tipped the scales at 14st 6lbs 5oz (91.63 kg), with Dylan Bregeon slightly heavier at 14st 7lbs 5oz (92.08 kg).
  • Featherweights Rhys Edwards and Brad Foster weighed in at 9st 1lb (57.61 kg) and 9st (57.15 kg), respectively.
  • Nyall Berry weighed 8st 11lbs 5oz (56.34 kg) for his featherweight fight, and Darwing Martinez was 8st 13lbs 5oz (56.69 kg).
  • Tion Gibbs and Efstathios Antonas both weighed in at 9st 13lbs 5oz (63.23 kg) for their super lightweight fight.
  • Dylan Cheema weighed 9st 11lbs (62.14 kg), and Robin Zamora came in at 9st 13lbs (62.82 kg) for their super lightweight bout.
  • Lastly, in the super featherweight contest, Gully Powar weighed 9st 1lbs 5oz (57.87 kg), and Engel Gomez hit 9st 5lbs (59.42 kg).