Which Boxer Sliced Tyson Fury’s Mug in Sparring?

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So, after the drama of Friday’s bombshell postponement of the Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr Usyk heavyweight showdown (now rescheduled for May 18th), everyone’s suddenly playing detective, trying to figure out who landed that punch to Fury’s face. Cue the drum roll: it’s none other than Agron Smakici, a towering Croatian with a mean left hook and a record of 20 wins, 2 losses.

Now, Smakici, a southpaw just like Usyk, got himself a golden ticket into Fury’s training camp. And guess what? Grainy footage of the fateful punch decided to go viral on social media, showing Smakici delivering an uppercut that left Fury seeing stars. Fury, trying to dodge the bullet, claimed it was an elbow. Yeah, right, like it’s easy to land an elbow on a guy as tall as the 6’8″ Fury!

YouTube video

But Smakici ain’t taking any flak. He’s all like, “Clear punch, mate. No regrets here.” And you know what? He might just be onto something. Fury might talk a big game, but he knows Smakici brought the heat in sparring.

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Now, hold on, ’cause Smakici might not be a household name outside of Europe just yet, but you best believe this incident’s gonna put some serious respect on his name. Sure, he’s got a couple of losses under his belt, but he’s no pushover. Just ask Zhan Kossobutskiy and Agit Kabayel. In fact, in that scrap against Kabayel, Smakici nearly sealed the deal, but hey, sometimes you gas out, right?

So, there you have it folks, the lowdown on the guy who left Fury nursing a bruised ego and a nasty gash.

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YouTube video

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