The Most Successful Boxing Sites Of 2023

03/30/2023 - No comments

If you’re on the hunt for the “absolute best” boxing websites that the internet has to offer (because, of course, everyone knows that’s what the internet was made for),, in its infinite wisdom, has ranked the top 10 as of November 2023. Prepare to be “amazed” by this list:

  1. Ah, the holy grail of boxing databases. It’s where you can find every little detail about boxers you’ve never heard of, along with those you actually care about. They keep records, stats, and hey, they even tell you when these fighters are stepping into the ring next.
  2. This site is so up-to-date, it’s practically from the future. If you need boxing news, interviews, or just want to see grown men punch each other in high-res photos, this is your digital playground.
  3. Here’s another one for those who just can’t get enough of boxing news. They’ve got breaking news, analysis, and commentary. And if reading’s too much work, there’s always live streaming.
  4. Covering both professionals who get paid to punch and amateurs who punch for… glory? This site has a global reach, so you can learn about boxing matches happening in places you can’t even pronounce.
  5. If you’re interested in boxing from literally anywhere in the world, here you go. They claim to focus on the “worldwide boxing scene,” which presumably includes that underground fight club you’re not supposed to talk about.
  6. Russia’s contribution to the online boxing community. Because who wouldn’t want to read about boxing in Russian? They’ve got exclusive content too, probably including how to throw a punch in sub-zero temperatures.
  7. Focusing on Polish and European boxing, because European boxers do it with an accent. This site covers the international boxing landscape too, for when you want to go beyond Europe.
  8. They say they’re independent and unbiased, which in the boxing world is kind of like saying a punch isn’t supposed to hurt. Expect news, results, and rankings without any sugar-coating.
  9. Part of the SB Nation network, this site mixes boxing news with a side of humor. Because nothing says “funny” like a well-placed left hook.
  10. The digital home of The Ring magazine. This is for those who like their boxing coverage old-school and respected, with a hint of nostalgia for the days when people read actual magazines.
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