Live Boxing Tonight: Amanda Serrano vs. Nina Meinke In Puerto Rican

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The Serrano – Meinke and Paul vs. Bourland fights are scheduled for Saturday, March 2, with the event starting at 7 p.m. ET or 12 a.m. UK time on Sunday.

The much-anticipated fight between Amanda Serrano and Nina Meinke is poised to be a landmark event for women’s boxing in Puerto Rico, set to unfold at the Coliseo José Agrelot in San Juan, capable of hosting 18,000 spectators.

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Amanda Serrano, the reigning Ring featherweight champion, shared her thoughts during the inaugural press conference at the Distrito T-Mobile complex. “I’m here to do what all fighters aim for – to engage in battle,” Serrano stated, acknowledging Meinke’s chance to claim her titles and prove her worth against the champion. “Nina is a resilient and skillful contender, but I’m confident this will be an exceptional clash, showcasing our shared determination and skill.”

Serrano, with an impressive record of 46-2-1, including 30 knockouts, expressed her heartfelt appreciation for the support from her Puerto Rican fans. “It feels almost dreamlike to be back home, headlining this event,” she remarked, expressing gratitude towards MVP for organizing such a significant event and Jake Paul for his respectful gesture of taking the co-main event slot.

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Jake Paul, despite his own prominence in the boxing world, has chosen to step back this time, allowing Serrano the spotlight in her home country, a decision Serrano warmly acknowledged. “It’s a unique situation, flipping roles with Jake, but I’m immensely grateful for this chance to shine on my island,” Serrano reflected.

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Nina Meinke expressed her excitement about the fight and her respect for Serrano’s advocacy for equality in the sport. “Being part of this movement, fighting in the 12×3 format, is an honor. I’ve prepared intensely, and I’m eager to contribute to this significant moment for women’s boxing,” Meinke stated.

Despite being the underdog, Meinke remains optimistic about her chances. “Amanda is undoubtedly strong, but I bring my own set of skills and experience to this fight, promising to make it a memorable one for women’s boxing,” she said.

The event will also feature Jonathan Gonzalez defending his title in the undercard, adding to the excitement of the night. “It’s an honor to defend my title at such a grand event, and I’m ready to prove my mettle once again,” Gonzalez shared, adding another layer of anticipation to the event.

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Weigh-In Results: Ready for an Electrifying Boxing Night

  • Amanda Serrano vs. Nina Meinke
    • Serrano: 125.6 pounds
    • Meinke: 125.2 pounds
  • Jake Paul vs. Ryan Bourland
    • Paul: 199.8 pounds
    • Bourland: 197.4 pounds
  • Jonathan Gonzalez vs. Rene Santiago
    • Gonzalez: 108 pounds
    • Santiago: 107 pounds
  • Javon Walker vs. Joshua Torres
    • Walker: 130 pounds
    • Torres: 130 pounds
  • Krystal Rosado vs. Gloria Munguilla
    • Rosado: 115 pounds
    • Munguilla: 114.4 pounds
  • Christopher Diaz vs. Headley Scott
    • Diaz: 129.6 pounds
    • Scott: 130 pounds
  • Omar Pacheco vs. Christopher Ortiz
    • Pacheco: 140 pounds
    • Ortiz: 139.6 pounds
  • Elijah Flores vs. Alejandro Munera
    • Flores: 149 pounds
    • Munera: 148.6 pounds