Abass Baraou – Sam Eggington Fight Results

03/02/2024 - No comments

Abass Baraou, Germany’s gift to the boxing world, managed to pull off what might just be the highlight of his career by narrowly outclassing the ever-resilient Sam Eggington for the European title at 154 pounds. The fight, or should we call it a marathon of endurance, concluded with Baraou clinching a majority decision victory. The scorecards read 117-111, 117-112, and 114-114.

Now boasting a record of 15-1(9), Baraou, fresh off signing a shiny deal with Wasserman, has strung together six consecutive wins since his lone defeat to Jack Culcay in 2020. Eggington sees his record dip to 34-9(20). At the ripe old age of 30, Eggington looked on the verge of being overrun during the fight.

But true to form, Eggington, the embodiment of the word ‘warrior’ from the West Midlands, mustered every ounce of his strength and fought back valiantly. The clash was predominantly an up-close and personal affair, with Eggington, in his first outing in almost 10 months, seemingly lacking the firepower to match Baraou.

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Despite Eggington’s high output, Baraou appeared to have the upper hand in power. Realizing a knockout was out of reach after throwing the kitchen sink at Eggington, Baraou had to settle for the decision win. Eggington, only stopped twice before in his career, soldiered on to hear the final bell, leaving us to ponder what’s left in his tank for future endeavors.

Eggington, also known as “The Savage,” might not have secured a two-weight European championship, but he certainly lived up to his reputation as one of Britain’s most thrilling fighters.

Baraou, now eyeing world championship glory, leaves us all eagerly waiting to see who he’ll step into the ring with next. Because, you know, after such a ‘monumental’ victory, the possibilities are just endless.