Sena Agbeko: “They Don’t Know I’m A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing!”

12/15/2023 - No comments

Sena Agbeko, the thumper from the super middleweight division, is strutting into the ring with eyes on snatching the “African Rocky” title. He’s rolling up to his brawl against WBA Super Middleweight Big Boss David Morrell Jr. in Minneapolis, ready to shake things up in what’s the final main event hootenanny on SHOWTIME.

This isn’t Agbeko’s first rodeo on the network. He tangoed with Vladimir Shishkin back in February 2021, taking a bit of a tumble in his American escapade. But then, like a comeback king, he toppled the unbeaten Isaiah Steen in October 2022, flipping his fate and scoring a golden ticket to Saturday’s title rumble.

“I clawed my way back to this fight, ’cause I’m no chump,” declared Agbeko, who almost missed the dance with Morrell in April due to some Vegas commission hoopla. “I’ve climbed mountains already, and tomorrow night’s my chance to yell from the peak. It’s kismet that my saga hits its climax at SHOWTIME’s final main event. You bet I’m gonna leave a mark.”

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“Morrell’s squad thinks I’m just a lamb heading for a chop, but surprise – I’m the wolf wearing the wool!” Agbeko added with a sly grin.

Dmitriy Salita, the big cheese at Salita Promotions and a former SHOWTIME scrapper himself, weighed in on what’s at stake. “It’s a mixed bag of nuts for me, as a promoter and a die-hard boxing fanatic,” he said. “I’m over the moon to roll out this world title shot for Sena Agbeko. He’s been the dark horse, battling through ring wars and life’s curveballs. He’s gone from a greenhorn on SHOBOX to duking it out for world honors. The man’s primed and pumped to unleash hell on Saturday night.”

“And to ice the cake, it’s SHOWTIME boxing’s swan song after a 37-year joyride. As a kid, I’d bolt home from Starret City Boxing Club to glue my eyes to SHOWTIME bouts. Now, our guy Sena Agbeko’s headlining its grand finale. Bittersweet, but what a ride!”

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The final SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING broadcast kicks off tonight at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT. Morrell vs. Agbeko is the cherry on top of a three-fight extravaganza.