Ryan “Blue Chip” Martin Victorious in Comeback Fight

10/30/2023 - No comments

Ryan “Blue Chip” Martin, with an impressive track record of 26-2 and 16 KOs, stepped back into the ring after what felt like eons, and let me tell you – he did not disappoint! The backdrop? Lum Color Center, Ontario, California. The opponent? Rogelio “Hercules” Jun Doliguez, a fighter with a respectable record of 25-6-2 and 19 KOs. The stage was set for an 8-round fight, brought to us by the hard-working folks at Elite Boxing USA.

Martin’s absence from the boxing world had been over a year, but if anyone thought that the time away had dulled his edge, they were sorely mistaken. From the get-go, Martin was a whirlwind of energy, raining down a mix of precise and powerful left and right hooks on Doliguez, supplemented by straight right crosses. If round one was a testament to Martin’s agility and strength, round two was… well, let’s just call it fireworks.

The audience could practically feel the electricity in the air when Martin, with precision and might, sent a left hook crashing into Doliguez’s body. The result? Doliguez met the canvas in an intimate embrace. As the referee began the count, it became evident that Doliguez wouldn’t beat it. Martin’s triumphant return was marked with a sensational second-round KO.

Post-fight, an elated Martin shared, “This win? It’s a symbol. A symbol of the sweat, the grind, the dedication. That liver shot I landed? I knew he was done. Right now, I feel invincible.”

Brandon Stump, the big shot at CTB Athletics and the brains behind Martin, couldn’t contain his excitement, “This isn’t just a win. It’s a declaration. Ryan’s got the makings of a champion, and today he showed us a glimpse of his true potential. The world hasn’t seen peak Ryan Martin yet. Trust me, the horizon looks exciting, and we’re gearing up for some thrilling fights ahead.”

Ryan wrapped things up with gratitude, “A huge shoutout to my crew. Their unwavering belief and support during my hiatus mean the world. Here’s the message loud and clear – I’m back. And that world title? It’s in my sights.”