Andrew Moloney Returns to Melbourne: A Homecoming Fight on December 9

10/30/2023 - No comments

Man, let me tell you something about Andrew Moloney – this dude is a savage. He used to run the show as the WBA World Super flyweight champ, and now he’s prepping for a comeback at the Pullman Event Centre in Albert Park, Melbourne, Victoria.

So here’s the setup: He’s coming back to his turf, the Pullman Hotel in Victoria, and he’s about to square off with this beast from the Philippines, Judy Flores. And you know Moloney, he’s got that fire, that drive – he’s eyeing another shot at world glory.

Moloney broke it down for us: “Man, I’m stoked to get back into the action. Big shoutout to Top Rank for hooking me up. Working with Wild Fighter Promotions and Dragon Fire Boxing? It’s been seamless. They’re making sure I’m back in the fight before we ring in the new year and laying the groundwork for an explosive 2024.”

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Digging deeper, he spilled, “I took some time off after the Nakatani brawl. But now? I’m locked, loaded, and ready to roll. And here’s a twist – I might even drop to flyweight in ’24. That’s in the air right now. But one thing’s clear: I’ve got my sights set on that championship belt, and I’m going after it with everything I’ve got.”

But, of course, Judy Flores isn’t just gonna roll over. The guy trains with the same monsters as Marlon Tapales, the Unified world champ, and Naoya Inoue, a top-contender challenger. That’s a tough camp, man.

Dishing on Flores, Moloney said, “Look, Flores is no joke. I’m not taking him lightly. The dude’s backed by a camp full of killers, both current and ex-world champs. He’s stepping into that ring with me, looking to make a statement. That’s the kind of stuff that fires me up.”

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He continued, “For him, it’s all upside. For me? I’ve got to prove I’ve still got the magic, that there’s another world title run in me. So, come December 9, there’s gonna be fireworks.”

Capping it off, Moloney asserted, “Trust me, I’ve got plenty left in the tank. December 9 in Victoria is where I show it. There’s nothing like fighting in your backyard, giving the fans a spectacle. I’m laser-focused on delivering a show-stopper.”