Paulie Malignaggi: “Charlo Is Too Emotional, Canelo Wins By KO!”

09/28/2023 - No comments

Former world champion Paulie Malignaggi says Jermell Charlo has the tools to beat Canelo, but it will be his “rash decision making” that will be his undoing. Speaking Exclusively to Casino Alpha, Malignaggi said:

Charlo has the tools to beat Canelo and needs to make it a boring fight

Malignaggi:  I believe Charlo’s strategy should be to keep the fight uneventful. His jab is effective, and Canelo often struggles with fighters proficient in jabbing. However, my concern with Charlo, apart from fighting from a lighter division, is that he lingers too long close-up and relies excessively on his quick punches. Consequently, he gets hit after he throws combinations. While this approach was manageable against fighters his size, like Castano, it’s a significant concern when facing someone as strong as Canelo.

Observers have noted that Charlo appeared larger during press events. Although this might be true, Canelo has acclimated more efficiently to his division, showcasing his power against opponents. It’s uncertain how Charlo’s power will adjust when moving up in weight. Moreover, the added weight could impact Charlo’s agility and movement in the ring. Mental resilience is also a critical factor.

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A significant challenge for Charlo is his tendency to fight based on emotions, often remaining close-up to land powerful punches. In a high-stakes environment like a Canelo fight, where the audience’s intensity is magnified, managing emotions becomes more challenging.

Physically, Charlo has what it takes. But mentally, it remains to be seen if he can adapt to situations that he hasn’t faced before. He showcased a disciplined approach in his second fight with Castano, but the pressure in a Canelo fight is on another level. To win this fight, Charlo needs more than talent. He needs a standout performance.

I’ve observed that Charlo can be impulsive. After landing a combination, the audience’s reaction can sometimes influence him to linger and throw additional punches. This tendency to get drawn into exchanges, rather than focusing on strategy, could be his downfall. Especially in a Canelo fight, where the atmosphere is electric, Charlo needs to be more calculating. Given these factors, I predict a late-round win for Canelo.

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