Osleys Iglesias joins EOTTM

11/14/2023 - No comments

n the ring where punches speak louder than words, Montreal’s own Eye of the Tiger Management throws a haymaker in the boxing world. They’ve just roped in the IBO World Champ of the 168 lb division, Osleys Iglesias, adding more muscle to their already impressive roster. This Cuban powerhouse, with a track record of 200 amateur fights and 184 wins, has been making noise right from the get-go. He shone bright with four silver medals at the Torneo Nacional Playa Giron and bagged dual golds at the Cordova-Cardin Tournament.

Iglesias, a southpaw with a penchant for gold, has globe-trotted in the ring, from the Thailand International Invitational to the 2018 World Cup, where he clinched gold. In 2019, he shifted gears and turned pro, setting up shop in Germany and quickly climbing the ranks. He’s now sitting pretty at 14th in the world, per Boxrec, with a collection of titles including the WBO World Youth and WBA Inter-Continental.

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The journey to the top isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon with uppercuts. Iglesias knows this all too well, knocking out Andrii Velikovskyi in the 10th round to snag the IBO World Champion title. Marc Ramsay, EOTTM’s talent scout, can’t help but rave about Iglesias. He’s young, he’s a southpaw, and he’s got a technique that could make a statue flinch. He’s already taken down giants like David Morell and faced off against the seasoned Isaac Chilemba.

Camille Estephan, the big boss at EOTTM, sees Iglesias as the missing piece in their super middleweight puzzle. With Iglesias, Mbilli, and Bazinyan leading the charge, they’re not just aiming for the stars; they’re gunning for the constellation. It’s a clear signal to the likes of Canelo Alvarez: EOTTM is not just in the game; they’re here to dominate the 168 lb division.