Natasha Jonas – Mikaela Mayer Final Press Quotes

01/19/2024 - No comments

Jonas-Mayer and undercard bouts will stream live and exclusively in the U.S. on ESPN+ SATURDAY beginning at 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT

Natasha Jonas:

“This is a significant statement. It’s often seen that the top fighters don’t always engage in fights with each other for various reasons. However, I believe that to truly be considered among the elite of this era, I must take on the best. When I look at fighters like Katie Taylors and Chantelle Camerons, I see they’ve defeated contenders in the top 10 pound-for-pound list. To cement my own legacy, I feel it’s essential for me to do the same, and Mikaela is one of those contenders.”

“In boxing, opportunities can disappear quickly if results don’t go your way, something we’ve both experienced. Neither of us wants to face that again. So, to keep these opportunities and pursue bigger dreams beyond this fight, I need to concentrate on what happens this Saturday and turn that dream into reality.”

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“The fight is going to be exciting. We both possess the intelligence and skill to box, as well as the strength and ability to fight when necessary. I believe our styles will contribute to an excellent fight. I won’t be a passive fighter, waiting to respond to her moves. Instead, I’ll be proactive from the start, making her focus on dealing with me.”

Mikaela Mayer:

“This fight isn’t just about the title. It’s more than just reclaiming the world champion status. It’s about pushing myself against the finest in the sport, adding those names to my record, and knowing I’ve done everything to challenge the best. This is crucial for my legacy and for my fans, who are eager to see these types of fights.”

“Natasha brings a wealth of experience. Her amateur background has prepared her to adapt to a variety of styles, just as I have. This shared experience gives us both an edge. Our backgrounds are a significant advantage in this sport.”

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“The fight will be highly tactical due to our contrasting stances; she’s a southpaw, and I’m orthodox. My coach, a master strategist and technician, has developed a specific game plan for this. I must adhere to it meticulously to avoid any setbacks after the fight.”