Jonas – Mayer Sky & ESPN Weigh In Results

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The scales have spoken, and it’s official: Natasha Jonas and Mikaela Mayer are all set for their IBF World Welterweight Title showdown. This electrifying encounter is happening tomorrow night at the M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool. You can catch all the action live and exclusive on Sky Sports in the UK and Ireland, and for those across the pond, it’s streaming on ESPN+ in the USA.

Topping the bill in a 10×2 minute rounds, we’ve got the IBF World Welterweight Championship. Both fighters tipped the scales with Natasha Jonas at a ready 10st 6lbs, and Mikaela Mayer slightly heavier at 10st 6lbs 5oz.

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For the British & Commonwealth Super Middleweight Championship, it’s a 12×3 minute rumble with Jack Cullen weighing in at 11st 13lbs 5oz, and Zak Chelli just a tad lighter at 11st 12lbs 5oz.

Featherweight fans, get ready for an 8×2 minute clash as Karriss Artingstall (8st 12lbs 5oz) faces off against Lila Dos Santos Furtado, who weighed in at a matching 8st 12lbs.

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In the super middleweight division, Aaron McKenna hits the scale at 12st, squaring off against Micky Ellison, who’s coming in at 12st 3lbs in an 8×3 minute contest.

Then, there’s the English & Commonwealth Silver Super Middleweight Championship, a 10×3 minute battle. Mark Jeffers and Germaine Brown both made weight at 11st 13lbs. Talk about evenly matched!

Cruiserweight action? Got it! In a 6×3 minute fight, Jack Massey weighed in at 14st 8lbs, and he’ll be up against Steve Eloundou Ntere, who’s at 14st 5lbs.

Flyweights in the ring for a 4×3 minute scrap? Absolutely! Mikie Tallon is in at 7st 13lbs, taking on Adamu Yahaya, who’s a bit heavier at 8st 1lbs.

And in another super middleweight contest, it’s Ste Clarke weighing in at 11st 6lbs against Vasif Mamedov, who tipped the scales at 11st 12lbs 5oz.

You can catch the main event, Jonas vs Mayer, on Sky Sports Arena at 7pm and Sky Sports Main Event at 8pm. And for the early birds, the undercard fights will be live on Sky Sports Boxing’s YouTube channel from 5pm.

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This event, with all its fistic fury, is presented in association with the official partners bet365, Everlast, WOW HYDRATE, and Integritas Property Group.

Here are the official weights from Liverpool, converted to US pounds:

  • IBF World Welterweight Championship (10×2 mins)
    • Natasha Jonas: 146.0 lbs
    • Mikaela Mayer: 146.31 lbs
  • British & Commonwealth Super Middleweight Championship (12×3 mins)
    • Jack Cullen: 167.31 lbs
    • Zak Chelli: 166.31 lbs
  • Featherweight Contest (8×2 mins)
    • Karriss Artingstall: 124.31 lbs
    • Lila Dos Santos Furtado: 124.0 lbs
  • Super Middleweight Contest (8×3 mins)
    • Aaron McKenna: 168.0 lbs
    • Micky Ellison: 171.0 lbs
  • English & Commonwealth Silver Super Middleweight Championship (10×3 mins)
    • Mark Jeffers: 167.0 lbs
    • Germaine Brown: 167.0 lbs
  • Cruiserweight Contest (6×3 mins)
    • Jack Massey: 204.0 lbs
    • Steve Eloundou Ntere: 201.0 lbs
  • Flyweight Contest (4×3 mins)
    • Mikie Tallon: 111.0 lbs
    • Adamu Yahaya: 113.0 lbs
  • Super Middleweight Contest (4×3 mins)
    • Ste Clarke: 160.0 lbs
    • Vasif Mamedov: 166.31 lbs ​

Jonas - Mayer Sky & ESPN Weigh In Results - Boxing Image

Jonas - Mayer Sky & ESPN Weigh In Results - Boxing Image

Jonas - Mayer Sky & ESPN Weigh In Results - Boxing Image

Jonas - Mayer Sky & ESPN Weigh In Results - Boxing Image

Jonas - Mayer Sky & ESPN Weigh In Results - Boxing Image

Jonas - Mayer Sky & ESPN Weigh In Results - Boxing Image