Lindolfo Delgado Extends Promotional Pact with Top Rank

04/02/2024 - No comments

Lindolfo Delgado, the iron-fisted warrior of the junior welterweight division, has just hammered down a solid pact with Top Rank for the coming years, swearing to keep the fight world in a constant state of alert. Riding high from his latest conquest where he laid Carlos Sanchez to rest at Desert Diamond Arena in Arizona, Delgado’s got his sights locked on the division’s alphas, ready to step back into the fray come summer.

Top Rank’s head honcho, Bob Arum, is all over Delgado like a suit of armor, laying down his bets on the lad’s future as boxing royalty. Delgado, fueled by a fire in his belly, pledges his allegiance to the Top Rank battalion, ready to grind it out in the trenches for that gleaming belt of a world champion. His tactician, Rick Mirigian, is dropping hints about a master plan for Delgado, teasing future face-offs on Mexican soil and a potential collision course with heavy hitters like Teofimo Lopez.

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From his first battle cry in 2017 to an unblemished tally of 20 victories, Delgado’s march through the ranks has been nothing if not electrifying. Since joining forces with Top Rank in 2021, he’s been bulldozing his way through adversaries, not just landing blows but etching his name in the annals of the sport. With a string of triumphs in 2023, highlighted by a commanding takedown of Luis Hernandez, Delgado is no mere brawler; he’s on the path to legend.

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