Fabio Wardley – Frazer Clarke Fight Results

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Suffolk’s own Fabio Wardley, our Ipswich bruiser, went toe-to-toe with Frazer Clarke, and let me tell you, it was nothing short of a pub brawl!

Wardley and Clarke, the Olympic bronze beast, went toe-to-toe for the British and Commonwealth heavyweight titles.  It was a proper scrap. Wardley, with moves slicker than a greased weasel, sent Clarke to the canvas in the fifth. But Clarke, tough as old boots, wasn’t having any of it and came back swinging.

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The judges couldn’t pick a side so we had scores all over the shop: 114-113 for Wardley, 115-112 for Clarke, and a 113-113 tie. ! So, in the end, they called it a draw. Yep, you heard right—a draw. Wardley kept his belts, but the fight was so epic, everyone’s already excited for a rematch.

Clarke had a cracking start, landing uppercuts and bloodying Wardley’s nose. But Wardley wasn’t just there to make up the numbers. He turned the tables in the fifth, sending Clarke on a quick trip to the canvas. The drama didn’t stop there, folks. Clarke got a point taken off for fighting dirty with low blows. Naughty, naughty.

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As the fight wore on, it turned into an all-out brawl. Both warriors, battered and bruised, gave it their all, spilling guts and glory all over the ring. The crowd was on their feet, roaring like a bunch of lions at feeding time.

In the end, the fight was so evenly matched, calling it a draw seemed the only fair thing to do. But let’s be real, a fight this good deserves a sequel.

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