Live Boxing Tonight: Leigh Wood vs Josh Warrington Viewing Details & Start Time

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Leigh Wood and Josh Warrington gear up for the WBA Featherweight World Title showdown in Sheffield on Saturday, October 7. You can catch the action live and worldwide on DAZN.

The contenders took a 100-mile tour to promote their blockbuster domestic bout, kicking off with a press conference in Warrington’s hometown of Leeds, followed by a photo-op at Sheffield’s Utilita Arena, and finally ending with a lively Q&A in Nottingham, home city of the champion, Wood.

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As Leigh Wood prepares to face off against Josh Warrington, he shares how his recent rematch with Lara has boosted his physical and mental acuity. Constant training, even amidst brief intervals, has carved a strategic advantage for him. Juggling his duties as a father and boxer, Wood embarks on his training camp with his daughters by his side.

Wood vs. Warrington fight time

  • Date: Saturday, October 7  – LIVE on DAZN!
  • Time: 7 p.m. UK / 2 p.m. ET
  • Main event ringwalks (approx): 10 p.m. UK / 5 p.m. ET

His dream to fight at the City Ground remains intact. However, a compromise was made to meet in the middle – Sheffield’s Utilita Arena. He embraces this shift with enthusiasm, expecting an electric atmosphere to fill the arena due to an equal split in fan bases. Wood recalls his experience with Michael Conlan, which was nothing short of spectacular, and anticipates an even more vibrant ambiance this time, supported by their respective football clubs.

Wood remains unfazed by the vocal competition between the fans. Instead, he is eager to relish the remarkable atmosphere, even if it might lean towards hostility. His self-assurance doesn’t derive from Lara’s defeat against Josh, nor from his victory over Lara. It originates from his firm belief in his superior fighting skills. Over the years, he has yearned for this chance to validate his abilities.

Previously, Wood recalls times when he was barely given attention or challenging matches, leading him to the edge of desperation and prompting him to prod Josh into fights through social media. Today, he stands as the reigning champion, ready to defend his title against Josh. He marvels at this dramatic twist of fate.

Josh Warrington, on the other hand, is no stranger to underestimations. Regardless of the doubts, he managed to emerge as a two-time world champion. Undeterred by his critics, Warrington continues to dream – to unify the championship, to advance into different weight classes, or to host a fight week in Las Vegas for his fans.

Amid the intense rivalry, Warrington acknowledges a mutual respect between him and Wood. In his opinion, a thrilling match doesn’t necessitate heated arguments or flying tables. Recalling his match against Lopez, Warrington admits his apprehension about his post-surgery jaw being hit. Despite ending on a high note, this concern left a lasting impact on him.

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Leigh Wood:

“I’m feeling steady and focused. Every step I’ve taken has led to this moment. These pre-fight events, like the press conference tomorrow, are just part of the show. Over time, I’ve learned to handle them better. Honestly, I just can’t wait to step into the ring.

“Throughout our training, there’s been a sense of mutual respect. Yet, I’ve noticed Josh becoming a tad more fiery recently. Maybe he thinks a bit of aggression will make him more relatable. He might be trying to throw me off balance, but I’m too centered for that.

“I’ve fought in numerous significant fights before. I believe Josh will stick to his known strategies, and so will I. I’ve always felt capable, but with guidance from Ben, I’ve refined my skills. Now, every fight night shows just how far I’ve come.”

Josh Warrington:

“The anticipation is real. All I think about is stepping into that ring. These media events and promotional stints are just part of the journey leading to Saturday – the day it all goes down. As much as I’d prefer to relax at home, these activities do help pass the time.

“Looking back at my career, every fight was a make-or-break moment. Even my professional debut back in 2009 was a fight I felt I had to win. As time goes on, each fight feels more significant than the last. When I hang up my gloves someday, I’ll reflect on which was the most defining.

“Becoming a World Champion, not once but thrice, feels surreal. But I’m not resting on those laurels. I’ve got more goals to chase. Every fight, I envision a win. But for this one, I have a feeling it won’t stretch to 12 rounds.”

In an interview with Boxing UK, Leigh Wood opened up about his boxing journey, sharing insights into his training, motivation, and future plans.. and Froch vs Calzaghe!

“Yeah, I always knew I had what it takes,” Leigh reflected, speaking about his progression in the world of boxing. His journey wasn’t always smooth sailing, but he always had the determination and resilience that set him apart from the rest.

“Sometimes a little bit more you need a plan to win, you need a good team around you and I’ve got that. And since I’ve had that, my division has significantly improved.”

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When asked about the role of his coach, Ben Davidson, in shaping his boxing career, Leigh said:

“Ben Davidson has been vital. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without him,” he stated emphatically, highlighting the importance of having a good team in achieving success.

His team, including Lilly and Paris Smith, has supported his boxing journey. Their collective input has been imporant in making him the boxer he is today.

When probed about the potential for an upcoming fight, Leigh remained non-committal but optimistic, “If it’s an offer I can’t refuse, I’m definitely going to fight for the win again.”

His ultimate dream? “To make my own mark, to create a little bit of history, it’s important for me,” Leigh said, expressing his aspirations to continue his path to boxing stardom.

An interesting point Leigh made during the interview was his perspective on boxing – not just as a fighter, but also as a fan.

“I’m not a massive boxing fan, believe it or not,” he confessed, which might surprise some given his profession. “What I like about boxing is the feelings I get from doing it. I don’t go to the theme park and watch people go round, I want to be on the ride. That’s what boxing does for me, the feelings, the emotions, everything that comes before the fight.”

When asked about Froch vs Calzaghe, Wood said: “Carl Froch said that if the fight ever took place, he would’ve won. ”

“I’ve noticed how Froch could take on his rivals, even when he was facing difficulties. If he had met Calzaghe in the ring, I believe it would have been a different game.”

On Calzaghe’s possible strategies, Leigh observed,  “He was an incredible strategist. Would that have held against Froch? It’s a fascinating question.”

Tickets for the much-awaited Wood vs. Warrington fight range from £40 to £400 (VIP). Matchroom Fight Pass members can secure their tickets starting from 10am on Thursday, August 3. Eligible members will receive detailed information about priority ticketing before the sale time.

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Wood vs. Warrington fight card

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