Kenneth Sims Jr. Eyes World Title in His Stellar Decade-Long Career

11/10/2023 - No comments

As Kenneth “Bossman” Sims, Jr. rounds off a decade in the professional ring, his eyes are set firmly on a prize that’s eluded him – a world title shot. Back in 2014, when he threw his hat into the professional ring, things seemed straightforward enough. However, the road since has been anything but. In the early years, Sims faced a mix of setbacks, including a couple of losses and a draw. But here’s the twist – he hasn’t tasted defeat in nearly five years, stringing together seven victories since 2018. Now 29, Sims looks back at his earlier self almost as if he were a different fighter altogether. Overcoming health hiccups and periods of inactivity, he now stands in the ring, backed by a team that believes in him as much as he does in himself, convinced that there are no limits to what he can achieve.

Sims’ recent fight turned the tables, revealing a seasoned pro with new tricks up his sleeve. In his first ever 12-round tussle, he stood toe-to-toe with Batyr Akhmedov in a WBA title eliminator, hammering out a record-breaking 640 punches together in 2023. Refusing to buckle, Sims clinched a majority decision win, extending his victorious run. Despite this being a world title eliminator, boxing’s political maze has delayed his title shot dream. Ranked second by the WBA, Sims eyes the upcoming Ismael Barroso vs. O’Hara Davies fight on December 2, ready to spot his next opportunity.

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In the last two years, Sims has rolled out a more versatile and increasingly formidable skill set. Fresh off two TKO wins in 2022, he’s eager to dazzle pundits and fans alike, bolstering his claim for a maiden world title shot. While he eagerly awaits this chance, Sims and his coaches aren’t resting on their laurels. They’re grinding away, honing his skills with every fight.

Sims reflects on his evolution in the ring, noting, “I’ve gotten sharper and more experienced. I feel I’ve really found my groove, and that’s done wonders for my confidence. And let’s not forget the physical strength – that was a game changer in my last fight.”

His journey since rejuvenating his career has been a relentless pursuit of major fights and renowned opponents, albeit with limited success. Yet, Sims remains optimistic about securing a title opportunity in the competitive 140-pound division.

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Presently, the Chicago-born fighter is deep in training in Las Vegas under Coach Kay Koroma, prepping for a December bout.