Josh Kelly’s Homecoming Fight at Sunderland’s Beacon of Light – December 16

11/02/2023 - No comments

In a heartfelt return to his roots, Josh Kelly steps into the ring at the Beacon of Light in Sunderland, engaging in combat with Roarke Knapp. This showdown, set against the emotional backdrop of Kelly’s hometown and streamed globally on DAZN, is not just a fight; it’s a testament to their shared world title dreams.

Kelly, who has battled across the globe, now circles back to where it all started. It’s been a decade since he last laced up his gloves in Sunderland, where he first donned the mantle of an up-and-coming amateur star with sights set on international glory and the Olympic stage.

Now, as a prominent figure in the super welterweight ring, ‘Pretty Boy’ Kelly’s homecoming is poised to be a night steeped in passion, especially under the shadow of the iconic Stadium of Light.

The ties to this city aren’t Kelly’s alone, however. Knapp hails from Johannesburg yet carries a Sunderland legacy in his veins, a loyalty to Sunderland AFC kindled by his father and grandparents, Sunderland natives through and through.

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Josh Kelly can barely contain his joy at fighting on his turf, as a professional, for the very first time. The prospect of lighting up the arena in Sunderland and reveling in the hometown spirit is a moment he’s been eagerly awaiting.

Roarke Knapp throws down the gauntlet, ready to elevate his game. He stakes his claim among the world’s boxing elite, choosing the UK as his battleground to make a statement and carve out his legacy.

According to Knapp, Kelly possesses an incredible talent, and their distinctive fighting styles promise an electrifying collision. Knapp shares a bond with the UK that runs deep, cementing his commitment as a fan of the land that shaped his earliest years.

Kalle Sauerland, the visionary behind Wasserman Boxing, circles December 16 as a red-letter day in Josh Kelly’s career. Ensuring the surge of local support was paramount. The sense of amazement at Kelly’s long absence from the Sunderland scene is palpable, and his return is shaping up to be an unforgettable event.

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Josh, at the zenith of his craft, is gearing up to face anyone and everyone. And Knapp? He’s the kind of heavy-hitter many would shy away from, but Kelly is not just anybody.

Alfie Sharman of DAZN adds this bout to the season’s premier lineup, highlighting Kelly’s journey towards world championship glory, a journey that could edge closer to reality come December.

At 29, Josh Kelly’s resurgence in British boxing has captured the attention of fans everywhere. With his eyes on the prize, he’s on the verge of a world title opportunity, but first, he must neutralize Knapp’s devastating punch—a challenge that has floored 12 adversaries before.

With impressive rankings by WBO, IBF, and WBC, Kelly’s pedigree as a former Great Britain amateur shines brightly. Knapp, bringing a formidable 17-1-1 record from South Africa, is now setting his sights beyond his home shores.