Joe Joyce: Jospeh Parker will defeat Zhang

01/23/2024 - No comments

Joe Joyce places his bet on Joseph Parker to topple Zhilei Zhang. The man’s not just shooting the breeze; he’s been in the ring with both, tasting victory and defeat in equal measure. Remember that knockout spectacle with Parker? Joyce, in a display of sheer power, sent Parker packing in the 11th round, turning the fight into a fireworks show. But when it came to Zhang, let’s just say Joyce’s luck ran out faster than a scam artist at a police convention.

Fast forward to now, at the ripe age of 38, Joyce is staring at his boxing life through a rearview mirror, contemplating his next move. He’s eyeing a comeback against Kash Ali come March 16, 2024. Ali might not be a headline-stealer, but for Joyce, it’s all about clawing his way back to glory, one punch at a time. And as for his thoughts on former foes?

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Joyce, ever the boxing sage, sees Parker as the man to beat Zhang, hoping he’ll play his cards smarter than he did. “Zhang’s got a punch that could drop an elephant,” Joyce quipped, “but I’m rooting for Parker to dance around that and come out on top.”

Now, why would Joyce back a guy he’s already beaten? Simple. Parker’s a chameleon in the ring – just ask Deontay Wilder, who probably still sees Parker’s fists in his nightmares. In their clash, Parker was as composed as a monk in meditation, dodging Wilder’s haymakers and countering with the precision of a sniper. The result? Parker had Wilder’s number, winning almost every round and leaving the scorecards looking as one-sided as a political debate on social media.

And as for a rematch with Joyce? Parker’s itching for it, eager to rewrite their first encounter’s script. “Let’s see who’s really got the upper hand,” Parker declared, ready to test the waters against a potentially different Joyce.

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Parker’s also got his sights set on a second tango with Anthony Joshua, looking to snatch back the WBO Heavyweight Title he once lost. Joshua, currently prepping for a showdown with Francis Ngannou, might find Parker knocking on his door, ready for a rematch, should he triumph over Ngannou.

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