Jermell Charlo on Tim Tszyu – ‘Not a legitimate champion’ -‘Who is Tim Ta-Zoo’

09/28/2023 - No comments
Jermell Charlo quotes on Tim Tszyu

“Right now Tim Tszyu is considered a paper champion,” Charlo said.

“If he gets the WBO (belt) and they elevate him, he’s a paper champion. A champion that didn’t have to do anything.A spar champion.

“I had to knock everybody out for my belts. So if Tszyu is watching, hey, don’t be too high up on your horse because you didn’t do nothing in boxing.”

“Of course I’m going to take a bigger opportunity like Canelo over Tim Ta-Zoo. Who is Tim Ta-Zoo? Australia knows, but not the world of boxing.

“He’s not a legitimate champion. He fought Ocampo. Who is Ocampo? He didn’t fight dog tough, hard, hard fights. So keep on going. Maybe he’ll get opportunity. But I’m the man. I’m the one who did it in boxing. Tim Ta-Zoo didn’t do nothing in boxing. o tell him to stay humble, keep quiet and time will tell.”

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“He can’t predict this fight. His prediction don’t matter. Tell him to go tell it to his fans. Who cares? I’m going to fight and make quadruple the money he ever will probably see his whole career. Tim Ta-Zoo hasn’t done shit in boxing.”

“Mendoza is knocking Tim Ta-Zoo out. Now what yah gunna say? Holler at me.

“Hey Australia, I love you all. I’ll be coming over there to eat some kangaroo meat with you, hang out in Sydney and party with you all.”

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