Canleo vs Charlo: Final Showtime PPV Press Quotes

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Undisputed world champions Canelo Álvarez and Jermell Charlo went head-to-head on Wednesday at the press conference leading up to their historic fight this Saturday, September 30 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Canelo Promotions will present the event on SHOWTIME PPV.

Canelo, the undisputed super middleweight champion, will defend his titles against Charlo, the undisputed junior middleweight champion. This significant fight marks the first time in the four-belt era where two male undisputed champions will fight against each other.

For those interested, tickets for the live event are accessible via The event is being promoted by both Canelo Promotions and TGB Promotions.

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“I’m in excellent shape and completely prepared for this bout. Jermell has a point; I don’t have anything left to demonstrate. However, in this instance, I need to display my capabilities to him. He has always doubted my abilities and challenged me repeatedly. Now, it’s my chance to showcase my talents, and that fuels my determination. My training has been phenomenal, and I’m eager to reveal my enhanced techniques.

“My commitment and inspiration are always at their peak during training, but this fight is especially driving me. He’s been challenging me for a while, and in a few days, I plan to enlighten him on my capabilities.

“He’s going to experience it. It’s challenging to articulate, but it’s a unique feeling. He hasn’t faced someone with my fighting style.

“Ensure you watch; it’s going to be an extraordinary bout. I can’t categorize the beast I need to become, but I am that beast. Ensure your presence on September 30; it promises to be enthralling.

“I never underestimate any opponent. I’m well-aware of his strategies, and I’m prepared. I’ve encountered a variety of boxers. He hasn’t witnessed this degree of fight. The learning experience will be evident.

“I crave to etch my name in the annals of boxing history. My aspirations are towering, and this is just another milestone I’m eager to achieve.

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“Detractors will always be present, uttering their pessimism. My task is to validate my enduring supremacy.”


“At last, we’ve arrived a this moment. The preparations were harf, demanding utmost concentration. Canelo is not a boxer to underestimate. He’s accomplished much in boxing and has nothing left to prove.

“To further my legacy, I need to be armed with diverse skills. I’m aware that the spectators are in for a treat this Saturday night. Anticipate our return for another bout; this is my defining moment.

“I embody the spirit of a gladiator. I’ve done the necessary, and now we’re here. I don’t believe Canelo has ever competed against someone of my standing. He’s fought against great boxers, but I possess something distinct, something he’s never encountered.

“I challenge boxing’s conventions. I represent the newer generation and have been battling all my life. My life experiences are incomparable. I’ve earned my stance, and now it’s my turn to substantiate my value.

“I’m poised to conquer this bout, irrespective of his declarations. Saturday will reveal all. If his drive is to demonstrate his skills to me, then let the fight unfold. My objective is victory.

“To be a part of history is my ultimate goal; it’s the essence of it all. We will reminisce about these times, relishing them. Currently, we are immersing ourselves in the present, moving forward through these exciting chapters.

“I’ve justified every claim I’ve made. Presently, it’s my era, my moment, and I intend to seize it.”

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Canelo vs Charlo: The Ultimate Showdown – Trainers and Promoters Weigh In

EDDY REYNOSO, Canelo’s Trainer and Manager:

“Being back in Las Vegas feels fantastic. This fight is paramount for us. We’re up against a top-contender opponent, someone undefeated with an exceptional team and skillset.

Three months went into training for this encounter, and we experienced zero hitches. It’s been quite some time since Canelo has trained this hard. Past hurdles and injuries are behind us, and we’re geared up to demonstrate that Canelo is set to deliver an outstanding performance.

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Our drive is sky-high for this Las Vegas showdown. We plan on channelling this motivation to present fans with a stellar fight.”

DERRICK JAMES, Charlo’s Trainer:

“We’re here for an iconic event, where an undefeated faces another undefeated. Canelo Álvarez’s talent will push Jermell Charlo to his utmost potential. I eagerly anticipate witnessing Jermell’s excellence and his reclaiming the undisputed title. He’s here to etch his name in history.”

TOM BROWN, President of TGB Promotions:

“It’s an undisputed versus undisputed encounter, and it’s music to my ears each time I utter it. Saturday night is gearing up to be legendary with the reigning male undisputed champions locking horns. Observing them, it’s evident they’re prepped and raring for Saturday.

Recognizing Canelo as today’s finest fighter, his prominence in boxing is undeniable.  Jermell stands as the premier undisputed 154-pound champion, aiming to achieve the same in two divisions.

The entire card for the evening is top-notch. As an enthusiast, the excitement for Saturday is tangible. I’d urge everyone to secure their spots early, get the pay-per-view, and relish the spectacle. This fight is genuinely extraordinary.”


“We’re gearing up for a match that’s not just monumental for the boxing community but resonates globally, appealing even to those not typically drawn to boxing.

This isn’t just another fight; it represents the pinnacle of what the sport can offer. To merely term ‘Canelo vs. Charlo’ as a fight is a severe understatement. It’s in the league of calling ‘The Godfather’ a mere film or LeBron James just another player.

Every boxing event has its merits, but not all are created equal. What we’re witnessing here is boxing at its zenith. It’s a momentous occasion, pitting one undisputed champ against another.

Such moments in combat sports are unparalleled. Let’s relish and cherish this milestone event.”

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