Sandy Ryan Challenges Jessica McCaskill in Welterweight Clash this Saturday

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Sandy Ryan has sent a message to Jessica McCaskill, advising her to be ready for their Welterweight unification fight this Saturday evening, September 23rd, at the Caribe Royale in Orlando, Florida, broadcasted live on DAZN.

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In her previous fight, Ryan (6-1 2 KOs) secured the WBO title by defeating Canadian Marie Pier Houle in Cardiff this past April. Now, for her initial defense, she is heading to Florida to fight against WBA, WBC, IBO, and Ring Magazine champion, McCaskill (12-3 5 KOs), a seasoned Chicago-based boxer who’s entering her tenth straight World title fight.

Having recently celebrated her 30th birthday, Ryan envisions a long string of World title fights, beginning in Orlando. This leads to a crucial unifying fight and later to confrontations with other prominent champions in boxing.

“Competing against Jessica is a big deal for me,” Ryan remarked. “Jessica is amongst the top fighters, and that’s where I aim to be. To reach that height, I need to surpass fighters like her. I hold tremendous respect for Jessica’s skills. My preparation and mindset for this fight are evidence of that. I recall watching her compete against Katie and her impressive journey thereafter. Jessica consistently engages in significant fights and has triumphed in many.

“She’s a tough competitor and will give it her all. Having never been defeated before the final bell and with her vast experience, she’s acquainted with every strategy in the book. However, I’m confident that my skills set me apart from her.

“My evaluation isn’t based on the Chantelle Cameron fight; everyone can have an off day. From that fight, I noticed some areas of improvement, but she will be training intensely for our upcoming bout. If she doesn’t win, she’ll lose everything, including her titles. Hence, I’m ensuring that I’m thoroughly prepared. Words aren’t necessary; everything will unfold on Saturday evening.”

Ryan added, “From now on, it’s all about significant bouts for me. If I succeed in this, my aim is to become the undisputed champion. Challenges are unpredictable in boxing, but having reached this level, I feel confident about my position.

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“Every professional aims to possess all the titles; it’s about building a legacy. I’ve competed in the Welterweight and 140lbs divisions. Numerous potential fights with top-contender fighters can be arranged. I aim to secure all titles at 147, after which we can arrange some great fights. I truly believe that I have the potential to make a significant mark in women’s professional boxing.”

Ryan’s fight against McCaskill is a highlight of an action-packed event in Orlando. The main event features the most challenging fight of Richardson Hitchin’s (16-0 7 KOs) career as he faces Jose Zepeda (36-3 27 KOs), competing for the WBC Silver, WBO NABO, and IBF North American Super-Lightweight titles.

Austin ‘Ammo’ Williams (14-0 10 KOs) is pushing for World title opportunities in the Middleweight division, taking on Steve Rolls (22-2 12 KOs). Meanwhile, Orestes Velazquez (7-0 6 KOs) will be defending his WBA International Super-Lightweight title, opening the main card against Mohamed Soumaoro (13-1 6 KOs).

Khalil Coe (6-0-1 4 KOs) is swiftly making a name for himself in the Light-Heavyweight division. He will headline the preliminary events, aiming for his third KO win of 2023 against Kenmon Evans (10-1-1 3 KOs). Other fighters, including Super-Welterweight Jeovanny Estella (12-0 3 KOs), Super-Flyweight Jasmine Artega (10-0-1 5 KOs), and Bantamweight Roberto Rivera Gomez (3-0 2 KOs) will also be in action, with their opponents to be determined soon.


“I’m eager for the upcoming fight. As we look at our ages – with me in my 30s and her nearing 40 – we can either focus on these numbers or instead center on the training and strategies developed for this fight. In the end, everything hinges on our performance in the ring on the given day.

I am truly enthusiastic about our upcoming fight. Sandy Ryan had her fights with [Erica] Farias – and I see Farias and a few others as the keyholders to championships and specific divisions. Those were important fights, and that’s the perspective I’m carrying into our fight this Saturday.

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Watching my own fights can be odd. My style isn’t conventional, and honestly, I seldom review my own performances. If I do, it’s once or twice just to glean a fresh viewpoint. I’m curious to know what critics make of my style, whether it’s my footwork or my striking strategy. Our training encompasses a wide range, and I’m excited to see it all come together on Saturday.

Winning decisively this Saturday is significant, and it’s essential for it to be clear-cut, not a split decision. We’re always exploring potential opportunities across different weight divisions. The aim is to collect multiple belts, but for now, the priority is Saturday’s fight.”


“I am on the verge of making my debut in the U.S., and it’s a significant moment in my career. Every interview I’ve had, I’ve communicated my respect for Jessica as a fighter. The way I’ve prepared for this fight, both mentally and physically, will show that respect. But with that said, I have a strong conviction that I’ll be taking all the belts back home.

My journey in professional boxing has been swift, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s shaped me into the fighter I am today. This isn’t amateur boxing; this is the professional league, and I’ve adapted accordingly. My dedication to the sport and the excellent preparation I’ve had for this camp fuels my confidence.

I’ve done my homework for this fight. I’m well-aware Jessica will bring her A-game. Many have quizzed me about the fights of Jessica’s that I’ve reviewed, particularly her last one. But I haven’t based my strategies on that, as everyone can have an off day. My self-belief is strong, not to undermine her skills, but I genuinely feel I’m entering a new phase in my career.”

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