Haney vs Prograis – Teofimo Lopez tells Prograis: “Bully him, bro!”

11/28/2023 - No comments

Regis Prograis and Devin Haney vie for supremacy in the 140lbs division. This gripping encounter has piqued the interest of Teofimo Lopez, the top-contender super-lightweight, who earlier this year stunned the boxing world by halting Josh Taylor’s undefeated streak in the illustrious Madison Square Garden.

As someone who’s already etched his name among the greats, Lopez watches with keen interest as Haney and Prograis prepare to lock horns. His eyes aren’t just on the prize but also on the prospect of squaring off against the victor of this high-profile December 9th fight.

Haney, stepping into the ring as the favorite, might find Prograis a formidable opponent with a solid fanbase rooting for him. Lopez, sharing a piece of his mind, has offered Prograis some unconventional advice on tackling Haney. Speaking to ESNews, Lopez suggests a more assertive and, dare we say, slightly unorthodox strategy.

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Lopez’s advice for Prograis? “Bully him, bro,” he says. He goes on to describe a tactic that borders on the cunning and cheeky, advising Prograis to absorb Haney’s blows – disparagingly referred to as “pillow hands” – and employ some clever, gritty moves to gain the upper hand.

The idea, as Lopez puts it, is to weather Haney’s strikes, even encouraging Prograis to let Haney punch him on the top of the head, potentially causing more harm to Haney than to himself. Lopez’s strategy leans towards the cleverly mischievous, focusing on using ‘smart, dirty tactics’ to secure victory.

With each fighter bringing their own style and fanbase, the Prograis vs. Haney bout promises to be a thrilling fight. And with Lopez waiting in the wings, ready to challenge the winner, the aftermath of this fight is just as intriguing as the fight itself.

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In a sport where every punch, tactic, and moment can turn the tides, the advice of a seasoned fighter like Lopez might just be the wildcard that Prograis needs.

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