Haney vs. Garcia: The Pre-Fight Banter Gets Boozy

02/28/2024 - No comments

So, Devin Haney threw a bit of a zinger at Ryan Garcia in New York, suggesting maybe Ryan had a bit too much fun before their presser. Haney and Garcia are all set to hype up their fight on April 20th, and Haney’s like, “Dude, were you hitting the bottle before we squared up?”

Is Haney just messing with Ryan’s head, or was there a hint of truth in his allegation? Hard to tell, but accusing your opponent of being “drunk like a skunk” is definitely one way to stir the pot before fight night.

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“Ryan showed up to the presser looking and smelling drunk, but fingers crossed he’s clear-headed by fight night. I’m planning to leave him seeing stars, and not from the booze,” Haney joked with the reporters after the presser.

Then there’s the whole drama about where to fight. “Ryan’s been buzzing around, talking to everyone about moving the fight to Vegas, muttering something about May 4th. But that’s Canelo’s night, so what’s he even talking about?” Haney said, clearly amused.

Haney’s stance? It’s him against everyone. “I’m pumped to put on a show for the fans. Ryan better not back out or try any funny business. This fight’s gotta go down in NYC on April 20th, end of story.”

Haney’s all in for a New York showdown, not giving a hoot about the tax benefits of a Vegas venue. Meanwhile, Ryan seems to be eyeing a shift to the MGM Grand, maybe for a bit of that Vegas glam—or the tax breaks. Whatever their reasons, this pre-fight chatter is just the appetizer to what’s shaping up to be a knockout night.

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