Haney vs. Garcia in New York: Odds and Predictions for the Upcoming Brawl

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Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia are all set to throw down on April 20th at the Barclays Center in NY, with Haney risking his junior welterweight crown in the process.

Haney’s strapping on his gloves for the third consecutive pay-per-view rumble, stepping into the most spotlight-stealing brawl of his career as he climbs the ladder to boxing fame.

Garcia, known for his lightning-quick mitts, tasted defeat for the first time at the fists of Gervonta Davis in last April’s blockbuster brawl.

The bookies over at BetOnline tossed their hats in the ring with the morning’s odds, pegging Haney as the heavy hitter to beat.

Here’s the lowdown on the betting front:

Devin Haney sits pretty as the hefty frontrunner at -500 (that’s a 1/5 shot), while Ryan Garcia trails with a +350 (or 7/2) underdog tag.

These numbers translate to Haney having an 83.3% shot at keeping his title shining post-fight.

Keep an eye on the Haney vs. Garcia odds; they’ll shift about and get updated here: BetOnline’s boxing page.

Understanding the odds

In this scenario, Devin Haney is listed at -500, and Ryan Garcia at +350. These numbers might look like someone just slammed their keyboard, but they tell us a lot about what the bookies think is going to happen.

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We’ve got Devin Haney playing the role of the heavyweight wallet at -500, and Ryan Garcia stepping in as our plucky underdog at +350.

The Hefty Price Tag of Favoritism

Spot a minus sign? That’s your cue that you’re looking at the big shot, the one the bookies are betting their fancy hats on. Haney’s -500 is their way of saying, “Wanna make a quick hundred? Sure, just hand over a cool half-grand on Haney and cross your fingers.” Sounds like a tough sell, right? That’s because the bookies are pretty darn confident in Haney’s chances, and they’re not in the business of handing out easy money for playing it safe.

Rooting for the Long Shot

Flip the script and you’ve got the plus sign, shining bright like a beacon of hope for the underdogs. Garcia’s sitting pretty at +350, which means if you’re feeling bold (or maybe just a bit reckless) and throw $100 his way, you could be strutting around with an extra $350 if he manages to upset Haney. The bigger that number after the plus, the more the bookies are ready to pay out for a miracle.

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Crunching the Numbers

These odds aren’t just plucked from the ether; they’re tied to what’s called an implied probability. For Haney, the brainiacs have crunched the numbers to about an 83.3% chance of victory. How do they get there? A little bit of math magic: 500 big ones on the line to win 100 gives us an equation that spells out Haney’s odds.

Garcia’s side of the story uses a bit of reverse math, landing us at a 77.7% chance in his favor—except, oops, the math doesn’t quite reach 100%. That’s because the house always takes its slice, a little something called the vigorish.

These odds are a peek into the collective hunch of the betting world. Haney’s heavy favorite status is a big, flashing sign saying, “We think this guy’s got it in the bag.” Meanwhile, Garcia’s underdog odds are like a whispered hint of an upset, daring and tempting in equal measure.

But remember, in the world of boxing, odds can dance around quicker than a featherweight dodging a knockout punch. Injuries, scandals, or a sudden wave of public sentiment can all swing the odds.