Fury vs Ngannou Weigh In Results From Saudi Arabia

10/27/2023 - No comments

On the brink of their electrifying showdown tomorrow LIVE on ESPN PPV, Tyson Fury tipped the scales at a hefty 277.7 lbs. His rival, the lean and mean Francis Ngannou, wasn’t far behind at 272.1 lbs. Come Saturday night in Saudi Arabia, the world will watch these two gladiators fight, thanks to broadcasts on PPV on DAZN, ESPN+, and TNT Sports PPV and live on DAZN. The main event is kicking off at 2:00 p.m. ET on October 28th.

After his last defense of the WBC heavyweight belt against Dereck Chisora, Fury had no choice but to shed some serious weight. Honestly, it’s time he realized that consistent overindulgence between fights is risky. His younger self might have shrugged off such habits, like when he dropped a whopping 100 pounds post his victory over Wladimir Klitschko in 2015. But now, at 35? It’s a gamble.

Yes, Ngannou might be relatively new to the boxing scene, but underestimating him could be a costly mistake for Fury. Remember when Fury went nose-to-nose with Ngannou, shoving him? Ngannou wasn’t having any of it and retaliated immediately.

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The odds seem to favor Fury, but Ngannou, transitioning from MMA, is no pushover. The man has a punch. But landing that on Fury, who is known for his defensive agility, will be no easy feat. Deontay Wilder knows that all too well; even after putting Fury on the canvas multiple times, he never sealed the deal.

In the preliminary fights, Arslanbek Makhmudov weighed in at a solid 260 lbs, while his opponent, Junior Anthony Wright, was a respectable 229.5 lbs. Makhmudov clearly is the standout in the line-up.

Now, Teddy Atlas had some words about Ngannou’s debut against Fury. Stressing the power Ngannou possesses, Atlas pointed out the significant difference in their boxing skills. Ngannou might not have the same technical expertise, but he’s no stranger to the pressure and intensity of fights. He’s been in the heat of MMA battles, and that experience is invaluable.

Fury has a ton of advantages when it comes to size, reach, and versatility. But let’s not forget about Oleksandr Usyk, who has consistently displayed sheer determination and skill. Usyk knows how to win. He’s sound, both mentally and technically, and going up against Fury’s towering presence and multitude of talents will be the ultimate test.

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Atlas also lamented the state of boxing today, noting the exodus of key broadcasters from the sport. The pattern of promoters green-lighting lackluster fights hasn’t helped either. Perhaps it’s high time boxing took a leaf out of UFC’s playbook, ensuring competitive and exciting fights more frequently.

  • Tyson Fury – 277.7 lbs vs. Francis Ngannou – 272.1 lbs (Heavyweight – 10 Rounds)
  • Fabio Wardley – 241 lbs vs. David Adeleye – 232 lbs (Heavyweight — 12 Rounds)
  • Joseph Parker – 250.1 lbs vs. Simon Kean – 255.1 lbs (Heavyweight — 10 Rounds)
  • Arslanbek Makhmudov – 260 lbs vs. Junior Anthony Wright – 229.5 lbs (Heavyweight — 10 Rounds)
  • Moses Itauma – 236.1 lbs vs. Istvan Bernath – 257.1 lbs (Heavyweight — 6 Rounds)

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