Chris Billam-Smith Vs Mateusz Masternak This Sunday on Sky Sports

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Local superstar Chris Billam-Smith is back to defend his WBO World Cruiserweight Title. He’s fighting against Mateusz Masternak on December 10th, and you can catch it live on Sky Sports in the UK and Ireland, and on Peacock in the USA.

Chris Billam-Smith, known as ‘The Gentleman’, won the WBO crown in May. He beat Lawrence Okolie at the Vitality Stadium – that’s where his favorite soccer team, A.F.C. Bournemouth, plays! Now, he’s ready for his first title defense at the Bournemouth International Centre. He’ll be fighting against the tough Polish boxer Masternak. Masternak is coming back to the UK for the first time since his big fight with Tony Bellew in 2015.

And there’s more! The full undercard for this sold-out event in Bournemouth is super exciting.

Lauren Price, who won a Gold Medal in the 2020 Olympics, will fight against Silvia Bortot. Price is a history-maker – the first woman to win a British title. She’s undefeated and wants to end 2023 with a big win against Bortot, a former European Champion.

Ben Whittaker, another 2020 Olympic Medallist, is also set to fight. He’s got a flashy style and is unbeaten. Whittaker will take on Stiven Leonetti Dredhaj in what’s sure to be an exciting fight.

Michael McKinson, who’s really good at boxing, is coming to Bournemouth too. He hopes to win big and aim for a title in 2024.

Lee Cutler, after his win in May, will fight Obi Egbunike for the English Super Welterweight Title. This could be the most exciting fight of the night!

Lewis Edmondson, a light heavyweight boxer from Southampton, wants to keep winning. He’s fighting Dmytro Fedas.

And watch out for Francesca Hennessy, an 18-year-old star. She’s already won her first pro fight and is ready for more.

Ben Shalom, the big boss of BOXXER, says this event on December 10th at the Bournemouth International Centre is going to be amazing. It’s sold out and filled with Olympic medalists, local heroes, and up-and-coming stars. “It’s a real Christmas cracker of a show,” he says.

“RETURN OF THE KING: Chris Billam-Smith vs Mateusz Masternak” is happening on December 10th. It’s broadcast live on Sky Sports in the UK and Ireland and on Peacock in the USA. The tickets are all gone – it’s that popular!

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“Winning the World Title at Bournemouth Stadium was the dream, and look at me now! We fought tooth and nail to get shows here, and now it’s like we can’t stop. Thanks to BOXXER, Sky Sports, and the fans who make enough noise to raise the roof. Can’t wait to strut in as defending champ on Sunday.”

“People don’t hit the high point and just call it quits. I’m a proud champ and I’m here to build a legacy that’s tougher than a two-dollar steak. Just thinking about walking out in front of that crowd gives me more chills than a freezer aisle.”

“Long career Masternak’s had, big fights and all, but this atmosphere? It’s going to be like he’s landed on a different planet.”


“Been boxing for ages, but this fight feels like it’s sprinkled with fairy dust. December 10th, I’m claiming that WBO belt like it’s got my name on it.”

“Made a deal with my wife – want a third kid? Gotta be World Champ. My daughter’s five now, so it’s high time I kept my end of the bargain.”


“This year’s been more on and off than a light switch, but Sunday, I’m back in action. 2024 is when we really start cooking with gas.”

“Sunday’s fight could be a showstopper or a get-in-get-out job. Who knows? I do love a good show-off moment though.”

“We’ve sparred before. He wanted 8 rounds, but threw in the towel at 6. Sunday’s going to be ‘The Italian Job’. No fear, please – makes for a boring fight. I’m looking for a challenge that’ll squeeze something new out of me. After Sunday, it’s all eyes on 2024.”


“Stepping up my game again. I’m not Mayer 2.0 – I’m the upgraded version. Sylvia’s tough, but I’m in a whole other league. Another solid win on Sunday, and then 2024, I’m coming for you.”

“Last time, I fought a powerhouse with a knockout streak. Each fight, I level up. Sixth pro fight, fourth this year – I’m on a roll. Sunday’s about keeping the ball rolling and showing off what I’ve got. Mayer and Jonas, I’ve got my eyes on you for 2024.”

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What is the date and start time for the Billam-Smith vs. Masternak fight?

The Billam-Smith vs. Masternak fight is scheduled for Sunday, December 10. The event begins at 3 p.m. ET (8 p.m. UK), with the main event ringwalks anticipated around 6 p.m. ET (10:00 p.m. UK). Please note, these timings are subject to change based on the length of the undercard fights.

Q: On which channels or platforms can fans watch the Billam-Smith vs. Masternak fight?
A: In the United States, the fight will be available on Peacock. For viewers in the United Kingdom, it will be broadcast on Sky Sports. These platforms provide an opportunity for fans to enjoy the event live.

Q: Where is the venue for the Billam-Smith vs. Masternak fight?
A: The fight is set to take place at the Bournemouth International Centre, located in Bournemouth, England. This venue is known for hosting significant sporting events and is an ideal location for this boxing match.

Q: Can you provide details on Chris Billam-Smith’s boxing record and biography?
A: Chris Billam-Smith, of British nationality, was born on December 20, 1993. He stands at 6′ 3″. His reach is not publicly disclosed. Billam-Smith has a total of 19 fights in his career, with a record of 18 wins (12 of which are knockouts) and 1 loss.

Q: What is known about Mateusz Masternak’s boxing career and record?
A: Mateusz Masternak, a Polish boxer, was born on April 21, 1994. He has a height of 6′ 1″ and a reach of 76″. His career includes 52 fights, with a record of 47 wins (31 by knockout) and 5 losses, showcasing his experience and skill in the ring.

Q: Could you list the fights included in the Billam-Smith vs. Masternak fight card?
A: Certainly. The fight card includes:

  • Chris Billam-Smith vs. Mateusz Masternak for Billam-Smith’s WBO cruiserweight title, scheduled for 12 rounds.
  • Ben Whittaker vs. Stiven Leonetti Dredhaj, a light heavyweight bout over 8 rounds.
  • Michael McKinson vs. TBA, an 8 or 10 round welterweight fight.
  • Lee Cutler vs. Obi Egbunike, scheduled for 10 rounds in the junior middleweight division.
  • Lauren Price vs. Silvia Bortot, an 8 round female welterweight bout.
  • Lewis Edmondson vs. Dmytro Fedas, a 6 round light heavyweight fight.